Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kitchen Inspiration Month: Day Seven - Carrara Marble Backsplash

So yesterday we looked at option one for CDLV kitchen backsplash, beadboard. Now it's time to look at option two - carrara marble. Comment to let me know which one you'd choose now that you've seen inspiration pictures of both. Here we go:

Designed by Brooke & Steve Giannetti of Velvet & Linen: http://brookegiannetti.typepad.com/


  1. I don't know but carrara marble always speaks to me (my love affair)...timeless! Great pictures!

  2. Artie,
    I think it depends on 2 things. Do you actually cook? If so, that beadboard is going to be a pain to keep clean. What color/patterns are in the floor and counter top choices?
    The carrera is a timeless choice, but if you mix it with warm tones or dueling patterns it loses its appeal.

    For me, marble with solid counters in white or black, and white or gray cabinets produces a look that will stand the test of time.

  3. I think the beadboard looks warmer, although I may just like the kitchens in yesterday's photos better. I do like the sheets of marble better than the tiles. But based on the rest of your house, I think you'll make it look great either way.

  4. Artie I love the carrara marble and the kitchens with the gorgeous hardwood floors make the warmth of the room come out!

    Art by Karena

  5. I think you mentioned that you have a bead board ceiling, and if that's the case and it were my kitchen, I would go with the marble backsplash...but then that leads to my next question - What is your countertop material?


  6. Hi Artie,
    I'm really enjoying these kitchen posts! I thought for sure I would pick the marble, but I'm going with bead board! Bead board is warmer, the marble is beautiful, but with your house, bead board feels right! The only problem, the ceiling can't be bead board too. If that is already in place, I'd go with the marble subway tiles (maybe with a chevron or herringbone pattern?) Either choice is going to be amazing!

  7. I was so sure yesterday after the beautiful images that I would choose the beadboard, but now I don't know...the marble is so gorgeous. You certainly can't go wrong with either, and the beadboard is much less expensive. Can't wait to see what you decide!

  8. Hi again! I wrote yesterday and I still recommend the beadboard. However, I do agree with other commenters that it depends on your countertops. My room is split, beadboard with one row of tile over most of the kitchen but behind the stove I did just subway tile. If your stove is separated it might be best to do it something like that. That is, unless you never cook, in which case, do the beadboard everywhere! Actually, I don't think you can do beadboard behind a stove by law (at least here in CA that is the code). Good luck!!

  9. Well, my vote is for Carrara marble....and what great timing of your post. My carrara marble in the bathroom has been going in for the past 2 days....my what a white dust storm it makes, and permeates through the walls and windows!

    In the kitchen, I am particularly fond of the marble-cut subway tiles, and I love how they've used the marble backsplashes with a variety of counter tops, including more marble! (can there ever be too much marble).

    However the contrasting counters seem to look better with the marble backsplashes. I love beadboard but I think it gives a country flavor to any kitchen, and if that's what you're going for, it's perfect. I agree with the other poster who said if you're a serious cook, the beadboard would be a little hard to keep clean.

  10. I love your house and am glad your are getting an opportunity to do the kitchen. I grew up in a house very similar to yours and would love to have one again. If you have a beadboard ceiling, whether still varnished wood or painted, that is perfect, but I wouldn't do it for the backsplash.

    Between the two, I would do marble subway shaped tile, not slab, and in moderation around the countertops only. (Not up and around the walls to the ceiling.) I've been looking at your house's brick, windows, and millwork, and there are quite a few vertical rectangular elements thru the house that you could bring in thru a soldier row or an accent segment. I don't know if you like Sarah Richardson, but she has done some good work in marble tile using creativity and a budget.

    You have a great eye and I look forward to that post that says, "here's our finished kitchen!" Thanks for posting all the lovely pictures that inspire the rest of us on our projects, too.

  11. I think beadboards are great but there is something about carrara marble that always puts me in awe. I do agree with some comments that your backsplash may depend on your countertops but I will say carrara marbles will work for you. Thank you for these inspiring photos. Please keep on sharing.

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