Friday, March 2, 2012

LOVE ... Tulips

I'm so impatient, really - it's my worst character trait. I will spend an hour shopping, but if I have to wait more than three or four minutes to check out - I"ll put it all back and walk out. It's a problem, I assure you! So when I heard that the photoshoot that happened way back in September for our house was going to print and distribute this sometime this Spring, you can imagine, I've been on pins and needles since the end of February.

I had intended to blog about the spread and article yesterday, but as of today, it's still not published - and I won't bore you with photos I took, because they really don't compare. So, just know that at some point soon, I'll be sharing that, along with a break in the "LOVE" series to show some other great adventures next week:

Tuesday: We'll take a trip to Chadds Ford, PA to visit our favorite store: La Maison Home
Wednesday: The International Philadelphia Flower Show 
Thursday: MORE of The International Philadelphia Flower Show 
Friday: The Longwood Gardens Orchid Extraveganza

In the mean time, nothing says Spring to me quite like tulips ... so, let's hope this brings speeds spring up a bit shall we?

Designer Credit: Lisa Luby Ryan

Yes, I know I cheated - those are ranuculous - but they look like tulips! :)

Designer Credit: Gerrie Bremermann

Designer Credit: Jeffrey Bilhuber


  1. Artie that 1st image takes my breath away. Those farm documents are in Mona's shop Providence.

    Stunning art in these images and yes, tulips are one of my favorite flowers!

    Art by Karena

  2. Gorgeous images of Spring! Cherry Kay

  3. Fabulous post, I love all the photos and am happy that you cheated!

    Leeann x

  4. LOVE all your tulip pics. I now want to get out and find some bunches of tulips. Living in N FL I have rarely had success with growing tulips even after refridgerating them for a minimum of eight weeks. I gave up but I am sure Fresh Market will have some of my beloved tulips. You truly are an inspiration.

    Carolyn/A Southerners Notebook

  5. Beautiful pictures! My favorite early spring flowers are daffodils. I love how easy they are to grow, and their lovely scent.

  6. You wrote this post just for me, didn't you? I thought I was the only one out here with this problem... thank you so much for not letting me feel so alone with NO PATIENCE! And... tulips are my all time favorite flower (second is peonies) When I start seeing tulips in photos I know that SPRING is just around the corner and I CAN'T wait -back to that problem again! Hope you have a marvelous weekend! - Jalon

  7. My absolute favorite the Tulip...white. From the time the holiday decorations are put away...I always have at least a dozen...sometimes two...white tulips in the house! They just go with any decor...any color scheme...they are always happy...and can be...very elegant. LOVE them! For the price...they are the best! (Maybe I like them too...because my fav designer Sarah Richardson always uses them...but it only dawned on me just now.)
    Happy Spring! (almost)

  8. Oh, how I love tulips - such a great reminder that Spring is on its way - the images are gorgeous!!

  9. Heaven this week---Segreto, then lucite, then tulips!!! Thank you! Keep the beautiful images coming :)
    Leigh B.

  10. You should also go to my favorite shop in the area - Terrain - It's without a doubt the most beautiful store of its kind I've ever seen. And if you spend the night in Philadelphia, don't miss the Van Gogh exhibit.

  11. pretty photos...Tulips are not my favorite but they look lovely in your pics - Is it true that a penny in the water keeps them perky?