Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spring 2012 - La Maison Home

What can be said about the Chadds Ford shop of Pat and Stephanie Celii that I haven't already said here, here, or here? La Maison Home is a premiere interior design center and home decor store just a stones throw from Philadelphia - and anytime that I head that direction, I make it a point to stop by La Maison, and get pictures to share with all of you!

My posts of La Maison are always long, filled with pictures of the stylish and beautiful vignettes and rooms throughout Pat and Stephanie's store. It's hard for me to stop pressing the button on the camera when there is so much inspiration at every turn. And though the photography here is good, I promise you - visiting the store is 100 times better. Unfortunately though, there won't be many more La Maison Home posts. (At least not at this location!) By the end of September 2012, Pat and Stephanie will be closing the doors of La Maison Home at their location in Chadds Ford. Many sale prices will be on pieces now through September. So if you've been resisting visiting their store - now is the time to bite the bullet and take a tour! I promise, you won't be disappointed!

The store is set up in a beautiful old colonial style home, with light medium oak hardwoods, and clean, warm-white walls and trim. It's the perfect backdrop for Pat's collection of Swedish and French inspired furniture and accessories, and genuine antiques and one-of-a-kind art. Each of the seven rooms, and the storage room in the back, is open for visitors to explore and be inspired by. Of course, with a store so beautiful - the arrangements change often - so La Maison is a store you have to put on your weekly stop list.

Let's take a look - shall we?

When you enter La Maison's front entrance, you're greeted by this beautiful space, and smiling employee's (or maybe Pat if you're lucky!!) calling out "Welcome to La Maison!" Immediately your head starts to move as your eyes bounce from vignette to vignette, and you think "I WANT IT ALL!" Not only does it look great, but Pat burns the most amazing Zodax candles that will lift your spirits. Don't leave the store without one - I have two, and Love.,LOVE.,L.O.V.E. them!

La Maison Home is also the premiere source in the Philadelphia area for my cross and shell bottles!
These chairs are absolutely beautifully slipcovered in the most gorgeous of winter white linens, and look perfect around this gray washed round table. Pat always knows exactly how to take the ordinary and make it extraordinary. Set up in front of that beautiful pine armoire, this is a perfect look for any breakfast or dining room - don't you think?

And vignettes really are Pat's thing! Just look at the attention to detail in the vignette inside of that beautifully aged pine armoire. Gorgeous!

If you're ever looking for the perfect mirror, you have to visit Pat! Not only are there many a mirror in the store that Pat was able to source especially for you - she has had many mirrors made that are jaw dropping!

Like the mirror here, atop a console in the first room of the store. I know you can't resist it! If I had space in the car, it would be right here at CDLV.

Shell bottles at La Maison. Perfectly priced, and ready to call yours!

In another room, a trumeau mirror sits behind a dining room set up with both farm style and french pieces.

The light pine pieces in the room are perfectly balanced to those black chairs and ebony washed legs of the dining table. With pieces like this, so beautifully arranged - it's a wonder Pat ever keeps anything in the store!  
Pat has quite the eye. Each time I've been in the store, (and in this room in fact) Pat has had amazing shutters on the wall. Each different, but oh so lovely! It's a reminder that not everything in your home should be sourced from a catalog. Wonderful antique shutters like these make amazing pieces of art.

I fell in love with the shutters here on the window, and they are for sale! Pat knows exactly how to make the pieces in her shop shine, don't you agree?

In another first floor room, another dining room has the most beautiful upholstered dining chairs around a table positioned perfectly in front of that Swedish Kitchen Cabinet - a true antique.

The opposite side of the room has that blue and gold trumeau mirror I love so much (can't believe someone hasn't snagged that since I was last here!) and a great spring tablescape.

Couldn't resist a close up of the mirror!! And how about that French demi john filled with realistic blooming branches! So lovely.

Another cabinet in the same room (sold), and beautifully upholstered French armchairs in a grain sack inspired linen. I love the reflection of that Swedish Antique Cabinet in the mirror, don't you?

More of the chair, with a view of the gray linen backless settee I also fell in love with, but who wouldn't? Pat has great taste, and searches high and low for all of the store finds!

Another beautiful upholstered piece, and a closet up of the cabinet.

Check out that paint and finish. WOW!

More shutters - has it gotten you thinking about how to use them in your own house? Pat has also hung antique, much more interesting windows in front of the less interesting windows of the shop to create a more pleasing silhouette and drama. This is another great idea for you studio and condo dwellers who love this look!

A close up of one of the busts in the room. Perched atop books, it's a Francophile's must have!

And who wouldn't die over this black and white ticking sofa, with it's puckered skirt? So gorgeous!

Pat seemed to have quite a few antique pine pieces in the shop this time, and I love the way it looks with the black and white and gray pieces of her shop. I personally haven't given much thought to antique unfinished pine, but after seeing it at La Maison Home - I've got my eyes peeled!

Beautiful transferware behind the glass doors of the white cabinet, but I love that walnut table with it's castered feet. So luxurious, especially as a desk with that leather wingback. (I told you she was good!)

This very soft gray cabinet almost left with me - and if I had a trailer or a truck, it would have. It's the perfect piece for my bedroom - just look at the decorative skirt and antique lock and key glove drawer. So Nice!

And speaking of Nice - even Pat's storage room is set up beautifully.

These sofa's are new to the shop - and are so comfortable! A matched pair, it's a perfect start for a living room or den.

Upstairs, the largest of the bedrooms is decorated in a blue theme - with French and Swedish pieces that fit beautifully with some of the other English pieces also in the space.

This gorgeous daybed is so perfect, and also has castered feet. (So into that right now!) But look at that old trunk top Pat's using as art in the room! Tell me that isn't magnificent! LOVE!

Another bedroom is set up in a green, garden theme. Does this have you longing for spring?

I loved this old metal potagere, and the way that Pat styled it.

And that old chair with it's perfect green color. Are you still with me? I know - it's a lot to take in! So much beauty... but you're welcome to stay here all day! Or visit Pat in person!

The last room upstairs. I LOVE this! In fact, I'm so sad that I missed that table on the side of the bed until after I had left and started loading these pictures. Make sure you take time when you visit Pat's store! You'll see something you missed the first go-around.

Some of those mirror's Pat has designed for the store and client's - IN LOVE!

And another, this time from an old french door.

And this is where I leave you. To enjoy all over again, just scroll back up to the top and give the photos a gander, or stop in and see Pat and Stephanie at the shop:

810 Baltimore Pike, Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania 19317
Wednesday - Saturday 10am - 5pm
Sunday 12noon - 5pm

Not in the area, but see a MUST HAVE from these photos? Call Pat or Stephanie at La Maison Home: 610-338-1229 or 610-388-2552

And an extra special treat tomorrow! Pictures of one of Pat's own homes, currently for sale in the beachside community of Avalon, NJ. It's stunning, truly. I promise you won't want to miss it!


  1. I so wish I lived closer! This looks lika an incredible store filled with beautiful things.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous, Artie. Thank you for always sharing your tours with us. I love seeing the changes in their store. Wish I were closer!

  3. Beautiful. I love that antique painted cabinet. That blue is PERFECTION!

  4. Really gorgeous, like you said - I wouldn't really know where to turn! There is so many beautiful things to see and look at. I love that ticking sofa too. I'm only about an hour and a half from there - I think I might force my hubby to come along with the truck this weekend. Thanks for sharing, Artie. My new favorite store!

  5. Beautiful work. Great photos too! Thanks for sharing.

  6. *** Sooooooo WONDERFULLY BEAUTIFUL, and FANTABULOUS to visit, I'm SURE!!!

    So, OK... can you meet my plane, plz????

    Happy smiles and many thanks,
    Linda in AZ *

  7. So many gorgeous things here...adore the shutters!!

  8. Such a beautiful shop and so artistically displayed. I wish I lived nearby. It would be one of my favorite haunts.

  9. What a store!! All my kind of furniture, and everyone else's I suspect! Great post!

  10. Oh my, oh my .... I spy my little eye! ie: The ceiling fixture hovering over the table in picture nine. :) Like so many others, I wish I lived closer.
    Thank you for the wonderful tour Artie. -Brenda-