Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Foyer : Mirrors

Keeping with our theme of Foyers, we've talked about front doors (best painted black unless they're antique), lanterns for light (unless you don't have the height - then think of flush mount lantern options - there are several at Shades of Light), Console tables for the much needed linear flat space for the deposit of mail and keys - and now the other necessary piece when decorating a foyer: Mirrors.

Mirrors in a foyer serve two major functions: 1) as a way to widen the visual space of the room by creating an expanding view of the walls beyond and 2) to provide yourself and guests with a place to double check their appearance before leaving or entering the rest of your home. 

There are a lot of ways to use mirrors in a foyer ... 

Photographer Credit: Lucas Allen

You can make a big and artful impact in a foyer by layering or hanging multiple mirrors on the entry wall. In this case, the frames are all the same hue, while the mirrors are different sizes. I think this combination works best. 

Mirrors in the Foyer
Designer Credit: Jean-Louis Denoit

Found: Pinterest

Architect Credit: Gibson Builders

Another option, and one that you might want to choose if you live in a home or space that doesn't have much architectural interest, is applying several mirrored squares to the wall in your entry and then framing it with mouldings that coordinate with your existing. Using mercerized or antique mirrors for this process gives a great look.

If you don't want to go through the process of applying mirrors to your wall - you could always find a very large mirror to hang or lean behind an open leg console table:

Designer Credit: Turner Davis Interiors

Designer Credit: Atmosphere Interior Design

It's a great option to not only expand the width of the space, but also the height - visually speaking. Of course, there is always the most traditional option:

Design Credit: William Hodkins

Designer Credit: Mia James 

Designer Credit: Kay O'Toole - Found:

So there you have it - what's the last thing we could possibly talk about when it comes to foyers? Well, check back with me tomorrow and see. 


  1. Artie next to art, I most adore mirrors in a foyer. I have a small gold framed one right next to the front door on a small wall, up at the top of the stairs a large Trumeau mirror over a sideboard. It is truly gorgeous!

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    Art by Karen

  2. I love mirrors anywhere in my house, Artie. I have been thinking that my foyer needs a big mirror. xo Diana

  3. You've got me thinking about the new house and doing mirrors in the foyer. Thanks!!!!!

  4. I love mirrors, especially antique ones. I have them all over my house. They are beautiful and useful in a foyer. I also like them lining a hallway a la Billy Baldwin for their ability to expand the space and reflect light.
    All the best...Victoria

  5. oooooh--that was a good one! loved that post--beautiful images! thanks for flooding my inbox with beauty!

  6. Love all of the options you showed in this post, one lovely mirror after the next!! Kathysue

  7. So many great images-thanks.

  8. Artie,
    I love what you're doing...a theme. I've seen some of the best images on your site since your computer crashed...sorry about your computer.