Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Foyer : Wallpaper

Wallpaper is a sometimes difficult design element to fit in your home. Many of you live in homes where the walls seamlessly blend into other spaces, leaving you with a question of where to stop the paper. In a foyer, you can usually stop the paper easily, and make a big impact with very little money - thanks to the narrow square footage.

Whether you choose a natural paper like grasscloth, or a very expensive hand painted paper from a paper maker like de Gournay or Gracie Studio, the foyer is the perfect place to make the investment. My two favorite wallpapers for the foyer:


Designer Credit: Miles Redd

Chinoiserie Wallpaper in Foyer
Tory Burch's Foyer

Design Credit: Thomas Jayne

Design Credit: Parish Hadley

Found: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles
And although I know this is not a foyer, it's an example of a way you can get the look of a fully papered foyer without the commitment. Most Chinoiserie papers come in numbered panels - making them incredibly easy to frame. 


Found: DecorPad

Designer Credit: SMW Design - TartanScot

But what happens if you're not the be all, end all when it comes to design decisions in your home; and your partner is absolutely against wallpaper? Well - there's always paint! And if you're looking to make a big impact in your foyer - think of going bold and dark:

Designer Credit: Courtney Giles

Looking for the perfect brown? Have your Benjamin Moore store mix up a sample of Martha Stewart Living: Monks Cloth. (If they can't do it for you - email me for the formula!) It's absolutely the most perfect gray brown for bedrooms and foyers. You won't be disappointed. I love the foyer above, because it shows how wonderfully the brown combines with antique gold frames, and jet black. You might remember that I dabbled with brown in my own foyer (for all of 20 days!) ...

And if bold and dark is just too gloomy, try something with a little more vibrant:

Designer Credit: Christopher Drake - House Beautiful

So there you have it - the end of week one of our Theme Weeks here on Color Outside the Lines. What did you think? Wanna keep going at it like this?


  1. I am enjoying these post very much! So many ideas to ponder and consider. Thank you! - Tammy

  2. My mum has wallpaper in the foyer, too. I think it's a fabulous look! LOVE Tory Burch's foyer! The scalloped edges on the curtains in "Found: Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles" are FAB!

  3. Adore the Thomas Jayne room! Gorgeous paper.

    Art by Karena

  4. Yes, yes - I love theme week. Love the Chinoiserie wallpapers and the grasscloth - my two favorites.

    So much so - I did faux versions of both in my house. It's fairly (relative term though) easy to do a faux grasscloth with a texture that I use. It comes out great. If you would ever want me to do a DIY for you on this...let me know, OK?


  5. I love theme week. Please keep it going. These wallpapers are lovely. I like the impact of it when you walk into a home. Unfortunately, my entryway is not a separate foyer or I would do that MS Monk's Cloth or grass cloth in a nano second. In fact, I think I my have found the new paint color for my guest bathroom.
    All the best...Victoria

  6. I love both used grasscloth in my den and because my entry walls have curved edges I hand painted my own chinoiserie

  7. I believe I will have to check out the MS's Monks Cloth. Thanks for the heads up!

  8. SOS just lové all.
    It Will Hulpe me on m'y future Déco room
    Marrie Pierrette

  9. Hi there, I am going to try a faux leather wall and my base coat is Monk's Cloth Brown and I don't know if I am suppose to go lighter or darker with the glaze, any suggestions will be helpful, Thanks