Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Artie? Bohemian? I think so!

Well, here she is, like I promised. I definitely think if you were to give a couch like this a human persona, you'd have to admit it's definitely a her! Check out the carved detail on the foot and all along the front. Those beautiful french rosettes are the base of a more sophisticated garland of acanthus. 

See what I mean about the color not quite being orange? It's more of a spice, somewhere between red and orange with a deep enough saturation to change depending on the light that bounces off of her. Beautiful button tufting along the back and sides, and a beautiful single down stuffed cushion with excellent wear.

Can you hear me clapping!?!? Oh how I love this sofa! It's a great size, too. It's only about 8" longer than my ikea ektorp place holder, but because the arms are so slender, the seating space easily accommodates 3, maybe 4.

And as I promised, a look at some of the other things that will definitely make it into the room. Blue and White Asian porcelains, antique Turkish kilims, goldenrod burlap, bleached antlers, antique aged brass tinging bronze, and varied shades of unfinished wood. Are you feeling it? I am!

Next, have you ever taken one of those "What's my Design Style" Quiz things? There are a ton of them out there, Better Homes and Garden's has a few (I came up Traditional) and (mostly vintage) HGTV has one, (I came up Romantic); StylishHome has one (I apparently resemble a Park Avenue Cocktail). 

I've always known that I leaned to the traditional side of design. To me, a traditional style gives a room a purpose, and a sophisticated and tailored feeling that most homes are built to accommodate. However, as I grow older, and find more and more on our travels and see more and more on blogs and in person, my range of design has broadened, as have my collections. I prefer to display more and more whether it's expected or just way out of the box. I tried that whole neutral thing - and I like it, but prefer color, and texture! Give me velvet and burlap and silk any day! The more patina the better - throwing it out? Give me a call - I might take it! 

So what does that mean? Well I didn't know, that was until I found these old photos of the Ralph Lauren Home New Bohemian collection:

I mean - I could move RIGHT IN!Collected, colorful, textural and rich! Call me Sold! Now - enough about all of that! Did you watch Design Star last night!?!? I have my fave ... do you?