Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Color Blind

I'm not color blind, but I'm often more than surprised when something appears one color under the lights of a stocked antique shop, and another in the open air light of day. Remember that orange sofa? It's not orange. Well, not really orange. It's more of a spice color somewhere between red and orange that I love even more than orange!! So, yesterday was one GOOD surprise after another.

Got the sofa, such a deal, then I got an even better deal on some navy silk velvet for another project, and I picked up some burlap for a little project I'm getting help from Gina at Slipcover Chic with. You see, I've always been a fan of Windsor Smith's Moroccan Ottoman:

Interior Design and Furniture Design (ottoman) Windsor Smith

But until just recently there wasn't really any place for an ottoman like that one in my house. Now that I've got this new sofa, and a new outlook, I'm thinking that I might be able to tackle something similar to this on my own out of burlap. I think the texture will be perfection for that velvet, don't you?

With my mind wandering there - I thought, I bet there are other fully upholstered pieces for sale or accomplished by other DIYer's inspired by Windsor. Boy was I wrong!! Making something like this must be much harder than it looks? There were some other inspiring store options though:
A simpler curve to the cut out by plantationdesign

A tufted number by Lotus Furnishing out of California

A single ottoman from Well Appointed House - so cute!

So I figure I'll grab the jigsaw, some cabinet grade pine, my staple gun and burlap, plus batting and spray adhesive for good measure, and get to making. I'm thinking of skipping the nailheads to make things a little more cleaner - but you never know with me. I'll keep you posted! 

Now, I know you're all the way down here thinking, why hasn't he shown the sofa? He was so proud of it, where is it!?!? I'm getting there!! PROMISE!

So, after working in the yard for the rest of yesterday afternoon, I decided to start working in the living room moving things around so that I could see exactly how the sofa was going to suit my new vision. I had to move the other sofa to the sunroom, and the sofa that was in the sunroom back to the garage, and long story short, there was little time left to play with the fun parts of the room. 

Now, this new look is not only going to look collected, it's actually going to be collected. So it's a room that will evolve as time and money allow. Check back in with me tomorrow - I'll have some glamour shots of the new sofa, AND, a few of the components that will make her the perfect addition to CDLV.


  1. Lucky you!! Can't wait to see it

  2. Congratulations! I'm glad the sofa was still there.

    I can hardly wait to see it in your home.

  3. okay.. spice is so much better than orange.. more elegant and old world.. cannot wait to see the new addition! and the new ottoman. I know you can do it and it will be fabulous.. xo marlis

  4. Wonderful news, Artie. I cannot wait to see it in the room. As for that Windsor Smith ottoman, it is divine. I wish you luck in adapting it.

  5. Love that ottoman of Windsor Smith's too! Don't skip the nail heads you will regret it! I missed the pic of the sofa...i am sure it is wonderful if I know you!!

  6. Love the ottoman! And think your ideas are...colorful and outside the lines! Keep it up!