Thursday, May 17, 2012

New House Update ...

Well, I have to admit that I was surprised by the response I got when I posted the pictures of the house Scott and I toured thinking it'd make a new and improved CDLV. You guys were all so supportive, and cheered the idea of a whole new house, with a whole new look. It was inspiring, and I appreciate it - so much!

A little investigation revealed however, that the house was unable to be mortgaged. Further, the lot was sectioned into two parcels. To purchase the house meant to purchase both parcels, each with back taxes owed, each requiring title and survey search not accommodated by the bank, and on top of that expense, there was the expense of repairing plumbing and heating systems to move into the house, leaving us cash poor and in effect, house poor, too!

After a lot of discussion, and I do mean a lot of discussion, Scott and I decided that the house just wasn't a good fit for us. Crushing blow, right? I know you all wanted to hear we were moving in and I had already ordered rugs and wallpaper!

Thanks again for cheering us on, there will be other houses ...


  1. In my old age I have discovered a peace in letting it be. I used to push and push and push and now I put that energy to better use. But it takes time...a life of living to be able to be at peace with either what we have or what might be around the corner that we just don't know about yet. I wish you peace...order a new rug for your old house!

  2. Sometimes things are just not meant to be. There will be something better come along . . . and besides your house is lovely!

  3. There will be something more suitable for you sometime in the future. In the meantime, you are very fortunate to have a beautiful home. Celebrate that. The other house had far too much baggage. You made the right choice.
    All the best...Victoria

  4. Im so sorry that your hopes were dashed as I know how that feels but,in the mean time you can plan and plot a whole new place:)

  5. There is a reason for everything :-( Sorry it didn't work out, but the home you have now is lovely, so enjoy it! Look at all the free time you will have this summer!

  6. I have no doubt that you and Scott will find just the perfect house without all of the baggage!

    Art by Karena

  7. Hi Artie,
    I am just catching up with I didn't know you were looking! I will tell you from experience of buying many houses, not to be disappointed. There is something better for you both out there! Just take your time and keep looking with a postitve attitude.
    I am living in Illinois now. A far jump in the past two years from Buffalo to Houston to Belleville, IL! I am opening up a Consignment Shop here in IL.
    I will try to keep up with your blog....visit me! Give me some ideas!
    Blessings My Friend,

  8. Ooh! It’s a good thing you’ve been to the tour yourself. I think that house would qualify in the ‘hopeless’ category, if the owners don’t fix the issues. When we buy a house, we want to buy only the house – nothing more, nothing less. Financial burdens like repairs and replacements are definitely not welcome. Anyway, I know you’d find the house for you, if you haven’t yet. :]