Sunday, June 3, 2012

Charles Pavarini III

Pictures of the Kips Bay 2012 Showhouse in Manhattan this year have been floating around blog land since March, maybe before? All of the rooms are quite lovely, especially this sunporch sitting room designed by Charles Pavarini III. If the name doesn't sound familiar to you - I'm sure photos from his portfolio will:

I'm in love with these colorful velvet upholstered dining room chairs. Adding an ottoman to the center of the table keeps the line of the fireplace open and helps to add some fabulous visual interest. So great!

More of the dining room. I mean - come on people - pumpkins in the fireplace? I would have lingered in this room for hours. Docents would have to usher me out - and shew me away from the windows. 

He certainly has a flair for whimsical interiors, and his color sense is near perfect! Keeping the palette tied to 3 main autumn inspired colors, then focusing on textures and patterns with those main colors in them. It's a unofficial rule of lots of interior designers I love, namely Mary McDonald and Jeffrey Bilhuber - now we can add Charles Pavarini to the list.

The vignettes are beautiful too. So many layers, so many textures, so many shades of perfection. Lots of inspiration for every appreciation in his vast portfolio - give it a look when you've got some free time:

Happy Sunday!


  1. That huge pile of pumpkins caught my eye. I love this very deeply layered look

  2. So scrumptious! The brush fringe on the chairs instead of using the expected welt makes them look hairy to me -- whimsical and fun -- killer. And that CEILING! Seriously stunning. The fireplace gives me great inspiration.

  3. Love the green!
    I hadn't seen these pictures. Beautiful.

  4. Love this post--especially the painting in the dining room--fab! Thanks Artie for bringing such interesting posts. Leslie