Saturday, June 2, 2012

The Ghost's New Clothes

Set of Gossip Girl - Designer: Christina Tonkin

I don't watch Gossip Girl, but after seeing these photos (what took me so long to see them?) I guess I might tune in just to ooo and ahh over the interiors. My favorite tidbit so far? The slips on these Louis ghost chairs. Way to take this:

Into this: 

What a great way to jazz up your existing ghost chair or work a ghost chair into a space when the mood calls for something a little more traditional than a hunk of lucite. As you are aware, I'm making some changes to our house (everyone say AGAIN with an exhausted sigh) and I've been thinking about ghost chairs. I like the lucite, the modernity of it, the shape - but when and if I want a change it's good to know that this inspiration exists. 

Found: Decorissa

Another, more colorful option. I just think that this is so much fun. Not only do you get the flexibility of looks - you can really make your chairs into just about anything you want them to be. 

Another option I've seen is covering the seats with a small lambskin:

Nice, right? Interesting - and I'm sure it adds a certain degree of comfort. That's all for today - short post, but saw these pics and thought "I gotta share this!" 

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