Friday, December 7, 2012

Courtyards ...

Ok, so I am a little scared about being a chicken keeper - so many I just like the coops? Clearly not the only reason one should venture out to raise Chickens I see. So, I'll scrap that idea. But I won't scrap the courtyard ... it's simply a must!

Design/Architecture by John Saladino


  1. Beautiful inspirations pics....I would LOVE a courtyard :o) A chicken coop...not so much! LOL

  2. I love a courtyard. These are luscious. If you don't raise chickens, at least find someone nearby who does and buy the eggs. You won't be sorry.

  3. Beautiful inspirations for Courtyards, Artie. Thanks for sharing.

    What is all this talk about chickens? Goats far outweigh the benefits of any old chicken. Not only do they make excellent pets I'm told but you could have fresh nutritious milk every day (unlike eggs and the high cholesterol count that comes with them) not to mention their droppings make excellent fertilizer (your garden will love you) plus they will mow your lawn if taught or even pull a cart, (yo, free labour) and if they are of the Angora breed think of all the lovely mohair or cashmere sweaters you and Scott could have (you live in the same climate as I do, so I know you could use them.)

    With all that said, I hope you realize I am 'just pulling your leg'. -Brenda-

    Footnote: I apologize if I have offended any chickens.


  4. Now I want a courtyard with a few Angora goats grazing in it.

    Happy Holidays!

  5. You did not offend my chickens! Just the chicken keeper!

    I love goats too!
    Our chickens are a constant source of delight to us!
    As well as a constant source of eggs!

    We do let them free range.......and we had a bit of a tragedy......our six "chicks" (fortunately fully feathered and grown 3 months old) Their mother was murdered i n front of them by a "Cooper's hawk"! A week ago!

    I was very upset;!!

    The chicks are OK....snuggle together; and we are keeping them in for at least two weeks.......

    I respect the hawk; (just would have asked him or her to go for a squirrel instead!)

    That being said......I must say.....after 25 years of "keeping chickens.." 10 years in Pasadena); and 15 in Santa is fun, fun, fun!

    Our grandchildren love them......and so do !!!!!

    Eggs are very good for us! And what fun it is to watch them teach their chicks how to dig for bugs; and how to hide from hawks! (from the second they hatch!)

    My very favorite thing,,,,,,,is that when there s a predator (we have bobcats and coyotes as we as hawks) comes......the roosters send the females and chicks under the "cover" and most of the time......he gets killed!

    He takes the hit!

    It makes me love men even more!

    (and I have always adored "good men"!!

    And there are many!!!