Thursday, December 6, 2012

Chicken Coops

via Brooke Gianetti's Velvet & Linen

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I'm not real sure I can have chickens ... there are rules about that sorta thing ... I'm researching, just have to do a little more digging. Anyone else have chickens? I keep hearing that there's nothing better than fresh eggs! 


  1. my oldest daughter just got 3 chickens for her birthday in September. It took her 3 months to find the nest and yes there are rules...but shhhh...she's a hippy and they are a mess to have just inside your backyard...they need some room to poop :-)

  2. There is only one chicken coop - have a look at Heather Bullard's - plus you can buy the plans.


  4. We have chickens, but we also live in the country. I thought our chicken coop was cute until I saw these! Ours free range, but we have to watch for hawks, coyotes, etc. We also feed them corn that we grind, so they are totally organic. The fresh eggs are the best so it's totally worth it. I would agree that it would be a huge mess in a small yard.

  5. Artie,
    I love the wonderful chicken coops now; however I will leave raising the chicks for others at this point!


  6. check out
    she built a lovely chicken coop, has 4 hens and her posts are absolutely wonderful!

  7. My son recently moved to Austin with his family. They have some acreage and a fenced-in yard. They converted the carport to a chicken coop -- furnished with a large mirror so the chickens (5) can admire themselves. They free-range in the yard but love to come back to the coop for the night. Their feed is organic as are the bugs they eat in the yard (a bonus when you have chickens). They have been laying eggs since day one and there is nothing better than fresh eggs.

  8. The first pic is of John Saladino's exquisite house here in Montecito. It is a wonder I did not die of a heart attack when I first saw it!

    He has since sold it; just wanted you to know!