Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Ribbon Tree - Lewiston Tour of Homes

The tree of tour was in the sunroom of the house that I decorated for the weekend long event. Everyone came through enamored by the use of burlap strapping as tree ribbon. When I found the balls at the Pottery Barn outlet in Ohio, I knew that they had to be the focal point of the tree. So, 7 went up, and then the ribbon and red ornaments were peppered in around them.

At first, I was going to use ribbon exclusively in this tree, but again, after finding those huge orbs, literally the size of basketballs, that changed. So I pulled the red from the rug up into the tree, and out onto the patio, as you saw in the tablescape featured here. My intention with all the decorating for this house was to seamlessly blend the color from the decor into the Christmas trimmings.

I'm so sorry that the pictures of this room are so heavily over-exposed. They get so much wonderful light in this room, that it makes photo taking a real chore! So, enjoy the rest of them ... and as a quick note: I WON! The tour has a "winner" each year, and I was informed just moments ago, that this house was chosen by those who toured as the crowd favorite! Many thanks to those of you who may have come and voted!


  1. Glad to see that yours was the favorite. Talent wins!! Congratulations.♥♫

  2. That tree's got some big balls!

    Congrats on your win! That's really cool!

  3. Of course you were the favorite - this is just genius! Love it!

  4. Congrats Artie; I adore the Ribbon Tree!


  5. Wow what a beautiful and unique tree dressing! Love it.

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  7. "I spy with my little eye .... something that is spotted".

    So there is the Leopard Ribbon. Super mix and loving the globes.

    CONGRATS on your win.
    Warm hugs -Brenda-

    P.S: Used the 'preview' tab to correct my comment above, however it entered twice. Sorry about that.