Monday, December 16, 2013

Sunland Home Decor

Who hasn't seen cowhides making a huge resurgence in interior design? From bedrooms to bathrooms, simple to heavily layered, cowhides seem to fit perfectly in just about any decor. So, in keeping with my series on great places to find things that I used in the barn, I had to share with you how beautifully my rug from Sunland Home Decor's Cowhide Store fit into the finished space.

The barn room was obviously rustic, but I wanted to juxtapose all those rustic bones with the richness and luxury of fine furnishings and rugs. So, when I went looking for cowhides, not just any cowhide would do. So when I found these gold metallic cowhide rugs from Sunland Home, I knew I had found the perfect piece for the barn.

What I loved about shopping the Sunland Home site was firstly the ease of finding what I was looking for. You can shop by color, style, size, even all the available hides; secondly the fact that many of the rugs, in particular the Gold Metallic hide I used in the barn, are one-of-a-kind, and you receive the exact hide pictured on the site! 

Lots of people loved the rug in the barn, asking if they could walk on it - and how they ever got the gold metallic fleck under the hide? And that my friends, is not an answer I have. Sunland Home calls it a "unique process", and being a lover of most things one-of-a-kind and unique, I will leave it at this: 

I LOVE this rug from the Sunland Home Decor Cowhide Store. It was shipped quickly and the folds from shipping were smoothed out very easily, and completely gone after just a couple of days. The gold flecks in the hide were not overpowering, and it looked exactly as pictured on the website. There was no awkward processing smell that you get from some hides, but rather, just the wonderful scent of leather. The rug was easy to clean, and the gold was completely secured to the hide - with no mess, plus it looked amazing in the barn. 

So, if you're in the market for a cowhide, for your floor, your wall, or to use as upholstery - look no further than Sunland Home Decor Cowhide Store. They're friendly, helpful, and have great prices on over 250 different hides from lime green zebra stamped hides to the chic and magazine trending all white hides

I hope you're enjoying these photos of the barn, and of course, these great online stores that I hope can save you time and money when you're shopping for your own projects! 


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