Thursday, December 19, 2013

York Wallpaper

Working with the barn this year at the Lewiston Tour of Homes was interesting, and although I had the great pleasure of working with a space from the ground up - almost quite literally - I was bound to the very rustic nature of the 100-year old barn wood walls. No, it wasn't a tragic thing to be bound by, but I knew that I need something with a little more sophistication to help tie together the whole space. 

The furnishings and rugs were a mix of casual and formal ... so I knew that I needed something with the same vibe when it came to bringing in a different "Wall". I thought for a long time on what to do - and then it hit me. WALLPAPER!! But where? I mean, I sure wasn't about to ask the homeowner if I could wallpaper over the barn wood. So, instead, I created a folding screen out of bi-folding closet doors, and had the wallpaper applied to them!

Voila! Perfection, right? Thanks to the gorgeous Chinoiserie wallpaper from York Wall, I was able to get that simple but sophisticated, casual but elegantly refined look I needed to wrap the whole room together. The wallpaper comes unpasted on a double roll, and is a breeze to work with (so I'm told!) I had a hard time thinking that I could successfully do a DIY wallpaper job with the tight timeline - so, I hired someone to do it. 

York was a real joy to work with, too! There was a slight issue with the first wallpaper that I picked (I highly recommend getting a sample before you order to make sure that the color on your screen is the color that will work in the space), and they quickly sent out the new choice - which was PERFECTION!

And I just have to mention that this is a fantastic idea for you renters and apartment dwellers! Just grab some old doors from your local re-use center and use the York Wallpaper of your choice to have a movable, and slightly temporary statement to your decor! And for those of you who can wallpaper your space - make sure to check out the large (and stunning) inventory at York before you look anywhere else! They are, in my opinion, the best wallpaper source online - and my experience with them is one that I would gladly recommend to anyone looking for wallpaper on projects big or small!


  1. Absolutely stunning! I love the unexpected touch of orange/rust. Great Job! It helps to have a beautiful barn as a backdrop doesn't it?!!

  2. I wish I had been there to take in all the details. I completely overlooked this one. It is gorgeous paper. Love, love.

  3. Another great space at the tour of homes. So sorry I had to miss it this year. You did a fantastic job! Peggy from PA

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  5. Feeling inspired after seeing your job , thanks .