Sunday, December 22, 2013

6 Wilson

Do you know Carol over at 6 Wilson? She and her blog are amazing, and when she took her interior decorating experience and love for fabric and started an etsy store, she naturally saw great success. Everything in Carol's etsy store is handmade by her, sewn with absolute precision and the quality of the fabric is top notch ... including the new metallic linen she sews into custom pillows after they take on a personalized monogram.

In the barn, I chose the gold metallic linen and the red monogram. Carol offers multiple linen colors and monogram colors on her etsy store.

It was perfect in the barn! And I can tell you first hand, this pillow is even more gorgeous in person than it photographs. (Although it does that pretty well, too!!)

So, if you're looking for pillows, and want something beautifully tailored, unique, and perfectly you - look no further than Carol's etsy store. There you'll find all sorts of beautiful things that are sure to fit into your decor, including these metallic linen monogrammed beauties!