Wednesday, February 5, 2014

STUBBS & WOOTTON - The Decorator's Slipper

It's a little uncommon for me to blog about fashion, let alone shoes ... but I had to write this post because I am completely obsessed with the uber-chic, uber-fashionable, uber-lovely slippers from Stubbs and Wooton.
Stubbs & Wootton it such a fun name for shoes, isn't it? "Let me grab my Stubbs and Wootton's" These handmade slippers are made and sold online and in Palm Beach and New York City. They make slippers for both men and women, but since I'm a man who has only worn women's shoes once, (maybe twice) I will focus this post around those. However, if you're interested in the women's slippers, check out the Stubbs & Wootton page for Women here

First, a little history. The velvet slipper was made popular by Prince Albert (above at his wedding to Queen Victoria in 1840) in the 19th century. His marriage to Queen Victoria (the current Queen Elizabeth's great-great grandmother) was relatively short as he passed away at the early age of 42 of what we now know as Chron's disease, but his tenure as Prince Consort allowed him many worthy positions and careers within the English monarchy.

Queen Victoria, with Prince Albert and 5 of their eventual 9 children. Notice Albert sporting those velvet slippers. One of the responsibilities assigned to Prince Albert by Prime Minister Peer was chairman of the Royal Commission hired to redecorate the Palace of Westminster. Are you seeing where I'm going with this?

Prince Albert, who also served as President of the Royal Fine Art Commission, oversaw the interior adornment of the Palace of Westminster, (used as Houses of Parliament and Royal residences) including the frescoes, wallpapers, carvings, stained glass, floor tiles, metalwork, and furniture. 

In the Royal Gallery of the Palace of Westminster, you can see two of the original frescoes chosen by Prince Albert, painted by artist Daniel Maclise, depicting the Battles of Trafalgar and Waterloo. In addition to his chores assigned by Monarchy, Prince Albert set in to build the perfect summer retreat and rural home. He designed the house and grounds himself, tearing down the original structure and rebuilding an Italianate palazzo.

Prince Albert chose all interior finishes for Osborne House, including the fine art and furnishings, and also designed the yard and attached farm. 

This watercolor by James Roberts shows Prince Albert's dressing room, complete with slipcovered chair at the fireplace. The original structure was completed in 1851, and was continued to be added on to until just about the time Queen Victoria passed away in 1901. Prince Albert managed the house and the farm until his death in 1861, a short 10-years. 

While Prince Albert ushered the velvet slipper into fashion history, it is Stubbs and Wootton who have revitalized the velvet slipper for today - with fun and witty embroidered and needlepoint designs that are certainly, princely. 

One of my favorite slippers for men here

Martyn Lawrence Bullard

It's the perfect shoe to naturally camouflage yourself in this gorgeous bedroom, right? I'd totally match these up with some dark denim, a white button collar dress shirt and camel hair sports coat. 

I love these Anniversary edition slippers in black velvet with an embroidered Stubbs & Wootton monogram and crown. I'd slip these on with a tuxedo ... but they'd look as great with some vintage jeans and a black v-neck tee.

Who wouldn't love a pair of these? For men here. 

You could pair these with jeans, khakis, shorts ... wear them with your robe! I love these! The whole collection is easily paired with any outfit. From the office to the bar ... a tux to jeans and trouser shorts - they're say something shoes, that are all about style. I do believe that if Prince Albert was alive and decorating today, he'd have a collection of Stubbs & Wootton slippers ... perhaps something bespoke:
That's right! You can commission your own pair by Stubbs & Wootton. Pick your color, your monogram, your thread ... they're handmade especially for you! Now, I'm off to dream about my next pair.


  1. Ok, I'm sold. But really, what an amazing post!! I always learn something from you ;-)

  2. I am in love with the paisley (actually made from antique shawls), the Carpet Rouge and the raffia just for fun. Now all I need is $1500. Last year, one of the TV shows about selling in New York featured a broker who wore nothing but slippers -- all the time. They showed him purchasing several on one episode. He paid thousands. I wonder if they were Stubbs and Wooten?

  3. Only you can tie slippers in with design. Brilliant! I've been lusting after a pair for a long, long time. Maybe someday. :)

  4. The shoes being worn by Prince Albert in the above portraits are leather pumps which were standard at the time for evening dress (which is the outfit he is wearing).

  5. I've just discovered Stubbs and Woottons recently and I'm hooked. I would LOVE to find a pair of the red floral ones...gorgeous! Thanks for this fun writeup Artie!

  6. I've just discovered Stubbs and Woottons recently and I'm hooked. I would LOVE to find a pair of the red floral ones...gorgeous! Thanks for this fun writeup Artie!

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