Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Trip, Tasks, and Triumph

I know, I know - here he goes again complaining about the weather. Get over it, Artie! Get over it!

You're right, and I have gotten over it. In fact, I'm not complaining about the weather today - I'm embracing mother nature, and trying to send enough love her way that the forecast (shown above for Washington, DC) stays exactly as written.

As you already know, we're headed back there and while I doubt that the cherry blossoms will be out (the whole reason for booking this trip during the opening of the cherry blossom festival) the weather will be nice enough to tool around DC on foot without a heavy coat.

In other CDLV news, we've got A LOT going on. A few weeks ago, I (with the help of some friends) ripped down my kitchen ceiling. Everyone together now - WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?
Truth is ... I don't know!
When we moved into the house, the original plaster ceiling had been covered with that popcorn crap they spray everywhere now. It was done by the person who "flipped" (I hate using that word because they really just screwed it up) the house to cover up the cracks in the original plaster. The lights were off center, and when the bathroom shower leaked (another flipper special) we had this spot that primer and paint never did cover. So, I figured, why not? And ripped the whole thing down.

So, now I have to fix it. That is, after the electrician comes and rewires for the new ceiling fixtures. Another thing I have to decide on. I'm thinking of school house lights - something simple, not antique though, probably from a catalog company like Rejuvination. Then I'm going to use V-groove planks and paint the ceiling in a semi-gloss paint. Sounds so easy, doesn't it?

And in personal news - I'm getting super personal with all of you because I love you and I know you love me - I'm finally down past the 50 pound mark, in fact, 51.4 pounds lost as of today. This has been an incredible journey, and a difficult struggle. I've had to change my habits, with both eating and exercise, and make choices that I didn't even know I could in regard to both. I've still got a long way to go - 30 pounds - and it gets harder and harder as the days carry on to see any movement in the scale. I'm looking forward to more Spring-like days, and working in the garden ... getting that movement and exercise that doesn't ever feel like work! But until then, I'll keep buckling down at the gym and in the kitchen, and update you as I reach more small victories, until the very end of the road - when I get a television show contract and you can all watch me on HGTV.