Sunday, April 27, 2014

A CDLV Before and After

Remember when our sunroom used to look like this? 

I have to confess that it didn't look like this for long. I really only had it this way long enough for the magazine article, and then it went back to looking like Scott's office. Just about everything in there was sold, including the little blue chest, the leather chair, the sofa, and the ottoman and the basket that was on top of it ... I think that floor lamp is gone too. It wasn't that I didn't like the room this way - I just wanted something different. Not a big surprise right? 

So after a long time of collecting, and waiting until I had the money to have everything slipcovered or made, here's what the sunroom looks like now:

So, not a huge change, right? Or maybe it is? The curtains are the same, made from a Ralph Lauren suiting plaid, the wall color hasn't changed (MSL Ash Bark) the main rug, one we picked up in Turkey is still there, but I took up the cowhide - mostly because I was sick of tripping over it! 

The main change is in the furniture. The camel back sofa was upholstered in a beautiful natural cotton, and I had my slipcover maker make a cushion in both the cotton and an espresso velvet. Two pillows in the same natural cotton were a must have - but I splurged on a beautiful mossy green silk from Brunschwig & Fils and then had some Samuel & Son's trim attached to both the front and the back in those rusty reds that are found in the living room and dining room. The bolster pillows may look familiar. They were in the dining room once upon a time.

The sofa had three cushions when I bought it. so I had them replaced with one single cushion, which I find to be much more comfortable. This is the room we watch television in, so we need a cozy lounging sofa, this fits that bill for sure! 

The ottoman is an old one ... and isn't ugly under this beautiful slipcover, it just didn't work for my vision. So when I found this fabric (Ralph Lauren) which had that natural cotton base, and rusty red and green window plaid, I knew it had to be used in the sunroom and on that ottoman. I've left it without a tray or basket, or bowl, or anything because of two things: 

1. I'm trying to cut back on clutter. EMPHASIS ON TRYING! 
2. We use it for propping up our feet. If I'm lazily watching television, the last thing I want to do before and after is rearrange artful clutter. 

Moving on, that chair is new. I got a smoking good deal on it, and because it's so deep, it makes a wonderful little television watching chair. Next to it I brought in a directoire table in brass that I used to have in the living room, and atop it a beautiful copper bowl I was gifted by a sweet, sweet, friend - is filled with tangerines. 

 Isn't the pattern on this magnificent? 

Next to the sofa, an old tool box painted green acts as a library table. 

This is where some of my design books are for ease of reading when I'm not in the television mood but still want to spend time in the room. Again, I"m trying not to clutter it all up ... but I'm a more is more kinda guy! 

For drinks or the occasional bowl of popcorn there's a blue and white garden stool next to the sofa, in front of the library table that does a great job of being useful and beautiful. 

As I finish up in here - I'll do a new tour of the room with close ups on the special finishes that I chose in the slipcovers and give some stories behind the accessories. But since I've not been a very good blogger lately, I wanted to post a quick little something from CDLV to let you know that I haven't forgotten about you - and please, don't forget about me! 


  1. Hey Artie!! I love the way it looks! Wish the detail of the pattern on the drapes showed more in the pictures ;-) because I know all those fabrics are surely awesome in person. I'm trying to declutter, too, what's up with all of us wanting to do that? I, too, find it hard. I'm styling my kitchen for the one room challenge, and I keep wanting more layers! Speaking of, why on earth didn't you link up a challenge, you of all people?

  2. Beautiful choices, Artie! It looks equally stylish and comfortable without being overly trendy- you always stick so successfully with a classic look! I loved it before and even more now!!!


  3. Ther room looks GREAT! I love the changes and how you have decorated. I so get it about TRYING to live with less. I am hopeless, I thik:)

  4. Oh I love this room and I love the slipcovers. Such an inviting space.

  5. The room looked beautiful before and it looks equally beautiful now. The difference is it accomplishes what you are trying to achieve; cozy and comfortable without having too much clutter. It must be because it is Spring. So many of us are in the mood to de-clutter.

  6. It looks great but I was totally in love with the before. My favorite space actually a little bohemian and collected from your travels. The bowl is fabulous too! You do love change my friend!

  7. Love the new space Artie! Looks wonderful!! Hey, that bowl looks familiar:) xxoj.

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  9. Blowingly to see your decoration with nice article .