Thursday, May 1, 2014


Have you ever been super duper, uber overwhelmed? 
Well, I am! 

My house is a wreck. Seriously! 
I need a housekeeper. 
Someone call hoarders! I'm not kidding!
My kitchen renovation is stalled. 
Like WAY stalled.
I need to marry an electrician.
The yard looks like we're testing missiles. 
Or running a dog park. A poorly cared for one.
My car needs repair ... I think?
Why is it squeaking? Am I a clown?
I saw a picture of a living room (a whole house actually) and now I want to change EVERYTHING!

I need a vacation.
Am I alone here?
Please tell me you're not perfect, either.


  1. Ha - well at least you now have your 'to do list' {above}. Nothing gets me to pull it together quicker than the knowledge that company is coming.......I'm so not perfect.

  2. When things start to get overwhelming, do what a friend once suggested: start in the corner and work your way around the room (metaphorically, of course). If you look at the totality of all the things that need doing, you become paralyzed. Pick one thing; do it; move on to the next.

  3. If you were my neighbor our houses would look the same, minus the dogs (we have 2 cats). It doesn't help that it is Friday and raining here. I have no idea how to resolve my glitches quickly with the exception of a LARGE and immediate infusion of new capital. I imagine that last sentence would bring you some relief as well. All I know for sure is that this too shall pass.
    Your imperfect partner with projects, jane

  4. I'm hooked on various shelter magazines and blogs - to the point where it starts to maybe feel unhealthy - image after image of total perfection, to the point where I burn out, and sometimes start to feel unhappy with my own beloved house and things - I have to check myself, and remind myself that I don't have a stylist, or a big budget, or even a cleaning lady, and actually I love my comfortable home. Anyway, I came only recently to your blog, and the biggest reason I love it is that you're not perfect - and not afraid to share that - and that makes it so much more interesting and fun and stimulating to "spend time" with you than to view yet another tale of perfection. So maybe fix up the yard a little, and get the car to the mechanic, but please, please, don't be perfect! : )

  5. Artie, honey, you are perfectly imperfect!!


  6. I know that's right! Sounds like my life.

  7. ohh just relax all is good if you have good health

  8. Omg you are so not alone Artie! I should take a photo of my office it's like I am running from it. I have so many fabric remnants from client projects and granite samples and tile samples paint decks and more paint decks. And to top that my sewing machine has been sitting there for a week.
    Life is short don't beat yourself up! You are having major success in weight loss. That takes a lot focus, commitment and determination! Congrats!

  9. I could have written this exact post today!! I won't even bore you with my crazy life right now - all I can say is that it WILL get better - chin up ol' pal !!!

  10. It will all sort itself out soon. It's bad when all things happen at once. Just take them one at a time. I'm also stalled on my new kitchen. I have to decide on cabinets fist and am waiting for samples.

  11. Like and appreciate your post here , thanks .