Thursday, April 10, 2014

Chrisley Knows Best ... The Decorated Mansion

Is anyone else addicted to this show? Having grown up in the south, I smile during every episode of Chrisley Knows Best thinking of those zippy one-liners my mother used to throw back at me during my rebellious years. For those of you who haven't watched the USA Network hit, it's about a Southern family (Georgia) who live in an amazing house and are starting a clothing company, aptly named: Chrisley and Co..

The episodes are 30-minutes, and take place primarily in their large home in Roswell, Georgia, just north of Atlanta. The house is lovely, and HUGE at 30,000 square feet. I had been looking for photos of the house and secrets behind who was responsible for the decor ... and I FOUND THEM! Just so happens, (likely because there is a reported $45 million bankruptcy) the house is for sale! So - realtor photos galore, thanks to Sotheby's!

The outside of the house is a sorta bastardized tudor, something they're calling "New American" .. and it's not really all that big considering the houses around it, in the prestigious gated community of Glenayre. It's hard to imagine from the front that it's 30,000 square feet, though. That's something more evident when looking at the house from the back.

A full 3-floors thanks to a walk out basement, the house is long, wide, and deep. Can you imagine decorating this place? And let me tell you - they are decorated! Now, I wasn't sure who was responsible for the decorating of the house, I has my guesses...

do you? I mean, there are decorators who definitely have this style, right ... even a few notable designers from Georgia. Here, in the sitting room of the master - I forged my first opinion ... Phoebe Howard. Are you seeing it?

Then, on the sleeping side of the room, the canopy bed, fully dressed along with the glass front secretary, patterned carpet, and clever mix of Swedish furniture with American antiques made me even more sure that Phoebe was responsible for this space. (I was wrong!)

So, I ran over to Phoebe's site, and searched and searched for these spaces ... they weren't there. Which means she wasn't responsible. Surely, with all the rooms on her site, when money like this gets spent - she would have definitely had it on the rotation. So I kept looking at the spaces - enjoying each one for the very Southern way they were finished, wondering who decorated Todd Chrisley's house?

I started getting to the more colorful rooms - like this bedroom with it's soft mossy green walls and coral accents. It had me thinking about another Atlanta designer, Suzanne Kasler. Looks a little like her, right?

In his daughter's room - I thought yep, Suzanne. The patterned carpet, the canopy bed, the fearless use of the the color pink! Surely this is a Kasler room. But nope. Wrong again.

In this room, I thought, heck - they've got enough money, maybe they had Charlotte Moss decorate the house? I mean the pleated shades, and use of the same fabric and wallpaper in so many rooms is totally Charlotte, right?

But, alas, wrong again. So - who, with such traditional taste could have decorated Todd Chrisley's house? Find out here! You can see more of the house here.

For more decor porn, this past episode (it airs on Tuesday nights), Todd - the father, Chase - his son, and Savannah - his daughter all go to NYC to purchase clothes directly from designers for their high-end clothing store. (Todd calls it the Bergdorf's of the South).The episode, like all the others, was great - but what was REALLY great, was the NYC hotel that they stayed in. What hotel? Well after a lot of digging ... and I do mean A LOT (NYC has over 4,000 hotels!!) I found it ... and now I want to stay there!


The Gramercy Park Hotel is a landmark, boutique hotel, located in the center of the city on Lexington Avenue. We've always stayed either on the upper west side on the park, or mid-town near all the theatres. But seeing the decor here has me thinking about booking a trip! (Or at least heading over and peeking around the lobby during our next trip!) You can see more of the hotel here.

Hope you enjoyed it - and if you watch the show, I'd love to know what you think of the Chrisley's ... and their extravagant lifestyle.


  1. Artie I am pretty sure Toby West an Atlanta designer and antiques dealer hand a hand in some of this home. It was published in either Veranda or Southern Accents I think. I remember the blue and white sitting area that looks like a sunroom. The dining room was also done by Toby. I have the magazine somewhere let you know what issue when I lay my hands on it. I am an Atlanta native and used to live about 10 minutes from Roswell.

  2. Yes, I have been watching the show! It's like a bad train wreck...... but somehow with such beautiful interiors I just can't seem to turn the channel. How sad that they are selling due to bankruptcy.

  3. Great post! I saw this show for the first time last night - watched several back to back episodes, some kind of Chrisley Knows Best marathon was on and I am devastated to hear they are in bankruptcy because I love how outrageous (in the very best sense of the word) they are! Going back to read your most recent post!

  4. I knew it was gramercy park hotel instantly. Love the decor there... Great memories there..perfect hotel for them.. I had a better suite but did stay in that room it

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