Friday, June 27, 2014

Pergola Party

Pergola in the Garden at CDLV
A few weeks ago, Scott and I invited some new friends to CDLV for a casual backyard dinner. Nothing fancy, just friends, drinks, and some food on the grill. Everyone had a great time, and three days later, our mailbox was flooded with beautifully handwritten thank you notes.  I commented to Scott, you know, it's amazing to think that just 7-years ago, a place where people can now dine and have deep and thoughtful conversation looked like this:

I hope you enjoy your weekend, I think you can guess where we will be spending ours.


  1. Such a stunning space to dine in!!!! What sweet friends you have to send you hand written thank you notes too :o)

  2. The pergola area the pergola area looks like a great place to dine. It's nice to see when you put effort into changing things that you can then enjoy it forever. Six years ago we added a sunroom on to our house which led us to a courtyard and more landscaping. We have never regretted it.

  3. Very nice transformation! Also, you have good friends to send written thank you notes. I like that!

  4. wow - the vines have really grown out - Artie - so beautiful!!

  5. They definitely deserve applause for the nice selection of drinks here. After noticing some yummy bar bites strewn about on the tables we headed for dinner.

  6. Both of these photo looks excellent . Like it .


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