Monday, June 30, 2014

Pillows, Pillows, Pillows ...

I love pillows! I probably have way too many, but there's nothing that you can use as easily or as inexpensively as a pillow to change the mood of a room. A pillow can
change the face of a chair:
Jeffrey Bilhuber
add color to a room:
Suzanne Kasler
add flexibility to a sofa or settee:
Mary McDonald
I'm sure you all agree, that pillows can really turn a room from 'ok' to remarkably beautiful, and nothing makes me happier than to find a custom pillow at the price of off the rack! My friend, the talented and industrious Carol Beck of 6 Wilson, has a wonderful Etsy store filled to the brim with gorgeous pillows that are perfectly tailored, adding that unique - custom touch at a price that's not going to break the bank.
I took a little whirl through her etsy store today, and look at this:
Block printed textiles are so popular right now, and this bold take on a block printed palampore is perfect for that burst of summer color, plus it's available at the unbelievable price of $25.00!
Yes, $25.00!
I love being able to share great deals on my blog, especially when I know that they come from such a wonderful seller! Run over and check out all of Carol's great pillows at incredible prices! 


  1. hey artie...I'm a pillow lover too and I love all of your choices

    xo kelley

  2. Ditto! I started making pillows out of antique fabric 25 years ago! (pat pat on the back!)

    I adore them!! And "odd bits"!! See "One Man's Folly"!!!
    Love your picks!!!

  3. Artie!!!! How sweet of you to mention me! What a lovely surprise. I just noticed all the traffic to my shop and found out it was you! I think it calls for a giveaway ;-)

  4. These are amazing . Feeling pleased after seeing your task .


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