Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Time for a Fresh New Do ...

You ever have something for so long, that you just "accept" it for what it is and never really think about change? Some would call that settling, some would call it familiarity, others just a fact of life. I mean, how many of you by a show of hands (don't worry - no one can see you) have had the same haircut for more than 10-years? I know I have. And while I wouldn't dream of changing it drastically, I wonder often if I would be happier with a different look?

Don't worry - this is not a post about hair do's.

I've been blogging at Color Outside the Lines for 7 years. SEVEN! I've blogged about gardens, furniture, designers and decorators, dogs, slipcovers, bloggers, and even my weightloss. I've posted thousands of pictures, seen things pinned to pinterest, mentioned on other blogs, even magazines. It's been like anything else that you do with regularity, fun at times and painful at others. I don't regret a minute of it - but I am starting to think that perhaps, the blog needs some new life. A little reinvigorating, some vitality that over the years has drifted.

With the advent of pinterest, tumblr, and instagram, there really are so many options now for people looking to be inspired without having to syphon through the chatter of a blogger who doesn't know when enough is enough. (Hand raised with a face of guilt).

So, over the next few days I'm going to change the face of "Color Outside the Lines". I hope that you'll like the new do, and that it will provide me with the breath of fresh air that I need to keep pushing posts forward, and entertain new readers, as well as those of you who have been with me all along.

The idea is to have a much cleaner, simplified look - with a darker background, white lettering, and 'cleaner' fonts. There will only be one side bar, where advertisers, mentions, blogs, and other "things" will exist. There will be several NEW options, including a link to a store where you can buy some of the decorative accessories that I have gently used and am now parting with.

 Speaking of Parting ...

Many of you know that over the last 5 years or so, I've made cross bottles which I've sold both on this blog, and at a blog known as Cross Bottle Guy. I'm sad to report, that I will no longer be making these bottles as of 2015. I'm diligently working to get all of my inventory ready for one big load-on and SALE that should start in the middle of July. This is your opportunity to get these one of a kind pieces before they'll never be available as made by me, again.

Why? Well, it's a long and complicated story. One that blogging about seems unfair. What I will say is, with my new journey of self discover and my recent 'transformation' if you will, I am finding that I need the time that was once spent on this endeavor to take better care of myself. So, once they are available at the deeply discounted price for quick liquidation, I will let you all know - and you can scoop them up while they last. It would be my pleasure and my priviledge to have my art in your homes before that part of my life is over.

And back to good news ...

With the blog changing themes and colors and scale and size, I'm hoping to post more regularly - perhaps even daily. You can look forward to lots of photos, enjoyable reading, and vicarious adventure - as I now don't shy from the camera!

Lastly, a big thank you to those of you who have continued to stick with me through all of the changes that I've made - big and small - and who applaud the time and effort that goes into maintaining a blog like this one. I honestly, would not do this without you.



  1. I've been checking in for about 6 years -- not going to stop now. Good luck on your and the blog's transformation! Sally

  2. Artie my friend! How exciting!! We must all change it up now and again, and I hope this transformation is a healthy and satisfying one! Of course, no question, I will still be following along. I am doing the same in my own life, so it will be fun to watch as you endeavor to continue to evolve, too. The energy of life is in change ;-)

  3. I hope all the changes work out well for you. I'll be sure to follow along.

  4. Oh Artie!! I think your blog is just about perfect as it is. But, when you change yourself you must also change your environment. I am happy you have met and reached some lofty goals. I'm sure all of your followers are cheering you on and eager to see what beautiful things you have in store for us. The idea off a daily blog from you is giving me goose bumps. Good luck my friend and thank you for generously sharing your creative mind. You have changed the lives of many people.

  5. Can't wait to see all the changes.....I know it will fabulous!!!

  6. Change is good, simplifying is better! Looking forward to your next phase Artie!

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