Friday, June 13, 2014

Artie's Chores, Art Festivals, and Artistic Endeavors ...

Abby taking a break from her chores ...

I've been working on so many projects lately, I've really not been very diligent about finishing my own. So, I decided a couple of weeks ago that I was going to finally tackle our bedroom and get it finished. Right now I'm stuck ... the bedding isn't coming together the way I wanted, and I can't find the right art to hang on either side of the newly moved bed.

So this weekend, my friends and clients, Ron and Judy will join Scott and me at the Allentown Art Festival in Buffalo. We'll all be looking for art, pottery, and the trend de' unique ... and hopefully I'll find something so I can share the space with all of you.

The rest of the house looked beautiful for the small garden party I had a few weeks ago. But when I did the tour of kitchens this year, I borrowed a lot from our house for staging. Needless to say, there's not much inspiration in the corners of CDLV.

I am getting back on my horse again, however, and soon, I'll have lots to share about the house, and yard (which coincidentally is looking great now that things are blooming!)
and I'll even have some new cross bottles up over at Cross Bottle Guy.
So look forward to more on that front, too!


Wish me luck on my exhaustive search for art!


  1. OMG - I was just reading about your weight loss. Congratulations - how did I miss this?! You are so amazing and you're right, there is no secret. Just restraint! Haha. I managed to lose 8lb for my upcoming wedding and that was a battle. I have a terrible sweet tooth and break the sugar habit. If I did, the weight would likely drop off as we have otherwise mostly vegetable diets!! You are a brave soldier. You must feel great!

    xo Terri

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  3. Damn that spam! Looking forward to seeing the bedroom redo!

  4. How beautiful dog . Like it so much and thanks for shared . .