Tuesday, August 5, 2014

A Secretary in the Bedroom ...

No, not someone to paper push or jot down your to-do list while it keeps you up at night, this secretary:

Design by Scott Laslie & Associates
It's not a foreign concept, but it's not something you see as a "norm" in bedrooms featured in shelter mags, blogs, pinterest, decorpad, google images - or wherever it is that you're pulling inspiration from now-a-days. Quite honestly, the only reason I'm even mentioning it is because I've exhausted my search for a similar table for one side of the bed. Having a secretary and chair, fills the void, and will allow me to have a smaller, more serviceable table on my side of the bed without having this lop-sided asymmetry that would kill the overall look of the room.
 Design by Eddie Ross
In their tight New York City apartment, Eddie Ross put a secretary in the bedroom of the apartment, for additional storage and convenient writing and crafting space. I loved this make over. He did a similar make over for a television pilot client bedroom, and it came out, equally as impressive:
Design by Eddie Ross
Design by Kelley Proxmire
Design by Sara Gilbane
Design by Toby West


Indeed, there are dozens of inspiration pictures using secretary desks in bedrooms with great success. Here's why I want to do it! When I moved the bedroom around so that the bed was centered on the wall, I opened up a great deal of space on either side of the bed. To accommodate for one side of the room, I put a gentleman's dresser (40" wide, 34" tall) next to the bed. IT WAS (and is) PERFECT! A true antique, made from hand cut birdseye maple, it's a beautiful piece of furniture that makes a great height for the 36" tall four poster bed.

However, finding something similar, or even remotely close the same height for the other side has been like figuring out the name Rumpelstiltskin! I've got more than enough room on the dresser-less side of the bed for a secretary, and the perfect chair. I just can't put it against the wall because it will cover the beautiful chinoiserie wallpaper I'm using on either side of the bed.

SO, what might I do?

If I place the secretary - here's the one I'm looking at by the way:

Against the wall to the left of the bed, so that it faces the bed, I can use the chair designated for the secretary as a bedside table with the quick addition of some books and a tray to bring it up the right height. Since the secretary will be mostly decorative except for the storage it will provide in the lower drawers, I think this makes perfect sense. The full panels of the chinoiserie paper take center stage and I get storage plus beauty.
Now, how do I get the thing home?


  1. Arti!! I loved the post! Especially the bedroom with the yellow bed! take care xo Leslie

  2. If I can have the first one I'll figure out some way to get it home…love!!

  3. I work in a small shop that sells a mixture of antiques and new pieces. The requests for secretary desks has tripled in the past year - so many clients are using them for bedside and it allows the perfect spot for a small laptop/ipad. With the exception of one - clients asked that we paint them out for a newer look.
    It's a trend where I live.

  4. I have loved this look for years! I, too hope to own a secretary one day. I love the blue room that Eddie Ross did and how he updated the furniture with paint. And the Kelly Promire as well. I actually think I have both of these images pinned. Here's my question if you put the secretary by the bed where are the chinoiserie panels going? Or did you change your mind?

  5. Sounds like a good plan Artie but I do have a question. Why use a chair and not a small armless bench seat? IMHO a bench can serve the purpose of a bed side table just as well as a chair can. Yes/No? Just a thought! -Brenda-
    P.S: I am currently doing over one of my spare bedrooms that has a desk and am using two small bench seats; one of which will accommodate seating for the desk but otherwise will be placed at the bottom on the Queen size bed until needed.

  6. I will take that first secretary thank you!! I think the one you are considering is wonderful...love the size!!

  7. I love the lines on the secretary you're after. Will you paint it or leave it? I'm a HUGE secretary fan. I have one in my living room, and would have one everywhere if I could.

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