Friday, August 1, 2014

Bill Ingram Architect

Do you ever feel like you're the last person to know something? As if this parcel of information somehow just blew right past you - skipped the radar - and you're left in the dark while everyone else basks in the light of this new amazing 'thing'? Yeah, well, that's how I feel about Bill Ingram, the Southern Architect and designer responsible for some pretty amazing houses, large and small.

Firstly, I must have missed the July/August 2011 issue of House Beautiful where his Alabama cottage home was featured. At 1400 square feet, pictures of the small space had floated around blogland, but I'd never seen credit given to Bill. So, for those of you who missed it too, or wondered who was responsible for this beautiful space ... here you go:

Gorgeous, right? Southern Living did a quick little story about the exterior renovation of the cottage showing the before:
and the after:
As you can see, the house went from wood siding to cedar shake, (as did the roof) new dormers made room for three instead of two, there was a fireplace addition, clad in stone, and the curb appeal was greatly improved with the addition of this formal box garden.
The box garden is surrounded by brick pathways, and Bill created new brick steps to the front door, and a brick fence to surround the yard, visible on the far right. Now the best that I can tell, the layout to the small house is split by the front door. To the right, you have this:


and to the left you have this:

I had help deducing that after seeing this photo floating around on pinterest:

The back of the house must be where the master bedroom and bath are, since they flow out onto the gravel terrace. Upstairs is another bedroom and bath. It's a beautiful little cottage, one that I'm happy to have had the chance to see, even though I was about 3-years behind the curve. It invigorated my zest though, to find more from this talented architect/designer.

That's when I came upon his Atlanta pied-a-terre, featured by Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles Magazine:

I then remembered seeing pictures of this room, coveting those dining room chairs, and thinking now why didn't I know THEN that HE was the designer of this space!? It would have made finding those inspiration chairs so much easier!!

This Atlanta apartment, located in midtown, is the second of three homes that Bill has. And while you can see his style and aesthetic pulled through to each one, it's refreshing to see that they are not in anyway, "cookie-cutter". His largest home, is in Alabama, on Lake Martin. A compound, really, the house is mind blowing:

Yeah! I told you! Honestly, if I had a place like this, I don't know that I'd need two other homes. But why not, you only live once! Inside, the house is even more spectacular:

All of these photos were found on Bill's website. If you follow him on Instagram, you get to see some other little peeks into this great weekend getaway:

Oh, and I forgot to mention ... he looks like that. SO. UN. FAIR.

What's worse, I think it's a pre-requisite that you be a model prior to working for Bill. I'll tell you why, on Monday!


  1. Bill's work is incredible, I have loved every one of his homes and projects, so livable, yet with and elegant touch. Plus he is a very nice man!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Wonderful post as always! Thank you! I love the white kitchen with the wooden painted walls and simple and so beautiful.....


  3. Another Great post!!! thanks xo Leslie!

  4. Long time lurker - first time commenting......great post; love that you provide so many photos.

    Ms. G from Chicago area

  5. i am shocked you don't know about him. you know everyone!!!!!!

  6. These architectural design are really remarkable .