Friday, September 5, 2014

Space to Fill - Vol. 2 Issue 2

It's Friday, and after the week I've had, this signal of "the end" as it were, couldn't come soon enough. Lately, I've been making plans for a few, not terribly dramatic changes at CDLV. It's mostly a change up in the layout of rooms, making way for a television space on the first floor large enough to accommodate the monthly movie-nights, and award show parties this fall.

Needing inspiration for the inevitable change, I was looking more for color combination than anything else. As you probably already know, the CDLV living room has a beautiful, antique sofa with an interestingly tufted back and side, very English in it's Chesterfield upholstery, but French in it's feminine silhouette. I have a love hate relationship with that sofa, but for better or worse, it stays. The chairs in the living room are Pottery Barn, custom slipped in a citron waxed linen. I've never quite known what other color to put with the two, deciding ultimately on a deeper citron green.

Today, however, with Pinterest at it's best, I found the perfect color combination inspiration in photos of a lavish and vividly unique San Francisco Pied-à-terre, designed by the wickedly talented, Thomas Britt.
Happy Weekend!

Hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.
All images sourced from Pinterest.