Friday, September 19, 2014

That Kitchen ...

Mixed into the fold of photos in yesterday's Space to Fill post, was this kitchen:

It struck a chord with me, and with a lot of you. I got 31 emails, (so far) asking me if I knew who was responsible for designing the space. At the time, I didn't. The joy and fault of sourcing things from Pinterest is that while you're exposed to millions of images, the origin of the image may not exist. In fact, in the case of this kitchen, it was a veritable rabbit hole of pin after pin after pin - none of them leading me back to the person responsible for such beauty.
In fact, I wasn't able to find the designer's site until I came across the image in a completely different search, and then walked almost backward into their other rooms. The company, Twist Interior Design, is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Owner of Twist, Sandy LaMendola decorated the home that architect Jeff Tritch designed, and builders L.Cramer built in Edina, Minnesota.
In this expanded view you can see more of the kitchen, including the limestone counters on the distressed cherry cabinets, the two cabinetry faced sub zero refrigerators that flank the beautiful custom cabinetry in that gorgeous green. The beams and ceiling timbers are all reclaimed in Minnesota.
These two photos are by Susan Gilmore and were featured in a magazine spread in June/July of 2010 in the Minnesota local, Midwest Home.
Now that I feel like I have credited all involved, I have to say that I am only sorry there aren't more photos of this lovely kitchen out there. Vignette shots, different angles, etc.. While I've looked at each of the designer, builder, photographer, and architect pages for more of this room, it seems to be a bust. There are, however, more photos of the 11,000 square foot house on Sandy's HOUZZ page, here.


  1. Lived in Edina a few years during our 24-years in the Minneapolis area ... Edina number one on my favorite places to live list!

  2. Love the lighting over the island. Anybody have a guess as to the brand?

  3. I applaud you for going to such lengths to credit everyone {not always the easiest task}.

  4. Thank you for hunting down the source, this kitchen is such a DREAM! I have a friend (we are going there for dinner tonight) who has green cabinets and I have ALWAYS loved them!

  5. Fabulous kitchen ! Great thanks for this on public .