Monday, September 22, 2014

Space to Fill - Vol 2. Issue 4

Today is a difficult day for me. Lots of decisions, life-altering decisions, are and have been piling up waiting for me to make a choice, and in some instances, just to make a leap - for a choice isn't clear. I've been waiting, hoping that it will get easier but, unfortunately it only seems to get harder and harder the more I procrastinate.
Not every first path is the right path. If you've lost your way, turn around.
All images sourced from Pinterest.
Hope you enjoy them as much as I did.


  1. So many beautiful photos today. Good luck with your decisions. Sometimes it is so hard to decide. Go with your but. If it's right you will know which way to go. The right way makes you feel good and excited. The wrong way feels forced. There is nothing wrong with postponing a decision until it feels right.

  2. LOL...I meant go with your gut.

  3. Decisions are never easy, if they involve other people. Sometimes you have to look at what is best for you. People come and go from our lives, regardless of the sacrifices or efforts on our part .Whether it is a matter of the heart or a professional decision, you know what is best for you. Don't settle for less than you give to others.

  4. In your heart, deep down you know the right choice.
    It's the leap your afraid of........leap with faith my friend,
    God is always with you!

  5. It is a long and winding road....

  6. Know how that feels, have been trying to make life changing decisions also for the past year. Thank you Jennifer for your wise words. Here's to being courageous Artie, which is what we have to be when we change our lives.

  7. Very natural places . I'm inspired after seeing your photos .