Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Space to Fill - Vol 3. Issue 4

Well, sweater shopping was a bit of a bust. I did happen to find one really great sweater, a cardigan actually - but the rest of my shopping was futile, at best. So, instead of crying over spilled milk, I bought shoes ... which leads me to today's post all about leopard!

I've coveted the Christian Louboutin leopard print tassel loafer since they first appeared on the scene, but at $774.00 they were always a little too much for me to spend on shoes I couldn't reasonably wear to my "real" job, and now they're discontinued. So, after striking out with my sweater adventure, I thought about those shoes and ended up buying these. Granted, they're certainly do not bare a striking resemblance to my dream shoes, but they'll do for the lazy casual shoes they're meant to be.

Thinking ahead to outfit planning, I just couldn't let the opportunity to feature rooms and other lovely images of that bold print escape - so without further ado, enjoy!



All images via Pinterest.


  1. LOVE me some leopard!!!!
    Your new shoes are fabulous :o)

  2. Love your new found fashionista side! And the shoes are great. I always have a leopard something. It's like a neutral, right?

  3. Love leopard, but I love the "ship" chandelier even more.

  4. Your photos and articles both are excellent . Like your post , thanks .