Thursday, October 23, 2014

Space to Fill - Vol 3. Issue 5

Some of you know that for a long time, a LOOOOOOONG time, I was a stage actor. I loved it, and played the leading actor in shows like Barefoot in the Park, Hello Dolly, and many, many others. I also did a movie and several commercials, but I love to be on stage. When we moved here from Texas, however, the theatre scene wasn't easy to crack. They auditioned several months, (even a year) before a show even went into rehearsal, and I couldn't forge commitments to things that far in advance. Eventually, the whole idea of being on stage again just faded into the background, until recently.

On Monday, I auditioned for a part in the stage Musical of Legally Blonde. If you haven't had the opportunity to see it, MTV hosted a stage performance of the broadway show where they recorded the entire thing, and it's available on youtube here. I highly recommend you watch it if you were a fan of the movie. It was a great stage transfer.

Anyway, I've been anxiously waiting to hear if I was selected for call backs, and it's got me feeling those tingles and tickles that I forgot theatre had the magical way of doing. So, while I sit here with fingers and toes crossed ... I thought I'd think good thoughts and throw some pink out into the universe. I hope you don't mind!


All Images via Pinterest.


  1. Beautiful inspiration....I LOVE pink! Fingers crossed the part is yours....I know you will just be tickled pink if you get it ;o)

  2. Good luck! My alter ego is a stage actress, preferably one who can sing, lol.

  3. For you? Everything's comin' up roses!

  4. YOWZERS! My fingers and toes are crossed also! And I have even asked my mother to help! Just get ready!



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