Friday, October 24, 2014

Space to Fill - Vol 3. Issue 6

They called me back!
For those of you unfamiliar with how the audition process goes, typically you attend an open call for a show where you audition with sides (lines from the script) of characters you may have no interest in playing, and music that best shows your range and talent. This open call is for all actors, equity and non-equity (meaning part of a union of actors, and not part of a union) and could be in front of all of the open call attendees, or as part of scheduled auditions with the core staff of the show: producer, director, musical director, choreographer, stage manager.
The second part of this process is called, call backs. Call backs are essentially that, they call you back in to read for a part in the show that they feel your open call audition best suited you to, and if there is music in the show, they want you to sing the music for the character they're thinking you should play.
Call backs do not mean you're cast in the show, however, they are promising, and present a second opportunity for you to really show your talent and give them all you've got! So, when I got my call back last night for the part of Warner, the part I REALLY want to play, I jumped up and down a little bit, and naturally, rushed here this morning to tell all of you!
This weekend I'll be really good! I'll exercise, I'll rest my voice, I'll not drink, and I'll think positive thoughts, and do a little role research. So to that end, indulge me won't you - while we go Harvard prep on the blog today!
Happy Friday!


  1. Congratulations!!!! I can only imagine how excited you must be?!?!
    Have a great weekend!!!

  2. So happy for you, break a leg!

  3. Congrats Artie, very exciting and well deserved!

    The Arts by Karena

  4. Oh those hunky Harvard Men! I am preparing to work crew on "Humbug" in one of our community theaters. Auditions over, second read through on Sunday ~ looking forward to it as I have TWO WORDS on stage at the end of the play! Woo Hoo! Thinking of you this weekend wanting so much for you to become Warner! My nephew lives in Columbus OH, a full time actor (his wife the family wage earner) He opens in "My Name is Asher Lev" this evening.

  5. Congrats and good luck on your call back as IMO you will make a great Warner. ♫ Stay positive - positive my friend ♫ Hugs -Brenda-

  6. That gallery wall! Good luck on the call backs ;-)

  7. These are looking amazing . Great thanks for shared .