Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Mirrored Walls, Alcoves, and Niches

My mind wanders ... and recently it landed on the possibility of creating a mirrored wall or niche in the new apartment to add some sorely lacking architectural interest.

Veranda - Mark D. Sikes
House Beautiful - Mark D. Sikes
Rooms like these, in the personal home of designer Mark D. Sikes and Michael Griffin have been a constant inspiration. But the idea of a room almost completely mirrored has me quite scared, and the expense of that, in a rental - isn't reasonable. Instead, I need something I can take with me. Something I can build to look intentional and architectural, but that would easily become movable to a new place. After all, if I've learned anything at all in the last year, it's that nothing is forever.
So, I leaned into thinking about something more like this:
Pinterest - Bunny Mellon
Pinterest - Luis Puerta
Pinterest - John Jacob Interiors
Pinterest via House Beautiful - unknown

Pinterest via Elle Decor- Todd Romano
Pinterest - Luis Puerta
Pinterest - unknown
So, the idea, is to build something that will hang behind the sofa that will look like a molding cased niche, original to the apartment.
Pinterest - unknown
Pinterest via Elle D├ęcor - unknown
Pinterest - unkown
I'm still unsure. It just seems like such a great, and relatively inexpensive way to help aid with light, and visual extension of the space that I can't see any negatives. Stay tuned ... I've decided to blog about the new place from the very beginning of the process and certainly as I grow into it. We get the keys on Friday and floors go in on Saturday! Stay tuned!