Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Mirrored Walls, Alcoves, and Niches

My mind wanders ... and recently it landed on the possibility of creating a mirrored wall or niche in the new apartment to add some sorely lacking architectural interest.

Veranda - Mark D. Sikes
House Beautiful - Mark D. Sikes
Rooms like these, in the personal home of designer Mark D. Sikes and Michael Griffin have been a constant inspiration. But the idea of a room almost completely mirrored has me quite scared, and the expense of that, in a rental - isn't reasonable. Instead, I need something I can take with me. Something I can build to look intentional and architectural, but that would easily become movable to a new place. After all, if I've learned anything at all in the last year, it's that nothing is forever.
So, I leaned into thinking about something more like this:
Pinterest - Bunny Mellon
Pinterest - Luis Puerta
Pinterest - John Jacob Interiors
Pinterest via House Beautiful - unknown

Pinterest via Elle Decor- Todd Romano
Pinterest - Luis Puerta
Pinterest - unknown
So, the idea, is to build something that will hang behind the sofa that will look like a molding cased niche, original to the apartment.
Pinterest - unknown
Pinterest via Elle D├ęcor - unknown
Pinterest - unkown
I'm still unsure. It just seems like such a great, and relatively inexpensive way to help aid with light, and visual extension of the space that I can't see any negatives. Stay tuned ... I've decided to blog about the new place from the very beginning of the process and certainly as I grow into it. We get the keys on Friday and floors go in on Saturday! Stay tuned! 


  1. Artie, this is a splendid idea and one of my favorite looks!! Can't wait to see what you do. Have fun.

  2. Love the mirrors! When will you be posting an update on the gilded chair project?

  3. Love the idea! The last 3 pictures are my faves.... Can't wait to see the progression of your move in and what you do decor wise..... Best wishes in your new digs!

  4. These are striking me lot . I'm also glad after seeing your job .