Thursday, January 14, 2016

Book Review: Conran on Color

Conran on Colour by Terrence Conran
Published by Conran Octopus
Terrence Conran is a master of design. His knowledge of color and shape has made him one of the world's most dynamic designers and retailers. We all know that handling color takes a certain confidence and skill, even the absence of color still makes us aware of how powerful color is. Certainly the most affordable of any design changes, and one of the most potent is changing color, but how do we do that in a way that makes sense, fits the space, and keeps us satiated with our choice? Well, if you've been wondering - look no further, you'll find the answers in Conran on Colour.
Terrence Conran found Habitat, a chain of home goods stores in Europe that brought modern design to the general public for the first time. Habitat sells everything from customizable furniture to lighting and throw pillows, and has thrived for over 50-years, changing the way that most Europeans have seen their home, and what they can do within it, forever. He brought his expertise state side in 2013 when he partnered with US retailer JCPenney to design an exclusive range of furniture and lighting, along with small accessories for the home.
Knighted for his services to design in 1983, Terrence still continues to master color, and shape design, and has been provost of the Royal College of Art in London. When you have an opportunity to read, and learn from the foremost authority on color, why would you not buy Conran on Colour for your design library? Let's take a peek inside:
 Photo Credit: Time Inc UK Content; Conran on Colour
The photos in the book illustrate the the science of color, and how colors can work together to build a space that is beautiful and harmonious. From wall color to accent fabrics and decor.
 Photo Credit: Time Inc UK Content; Conran on Colour

 Photo Credit: Michael Paul/Living Inside; Conran on Colour

 Photo Credit: David Garcia; Conran on Colour
Conran on Colour also dives into texture and subtlety in neutral spaces, which are so popular right now, and can be difficult to get right!
 Photo Credit: Pascal Francois; Conran on Colour

 Photo Credit: Bertrand Limbour/House of Pictures (Owners/Design: Natasha and Henri Charles Hermans, Polyedre); Conran on Colour
 Photo Credit: Tommy Durath/House of Pictures (Styling: Anna Ornberg/House of Pictures);
Conran on Colour
A wonderful resource book on color and the science behind why they work together the way they do, Conran on Colour is a book you'll definitely not regret adding to your design library. Filled with beautiful rooms to illustrate how color works, where to use color, when to use color, and how to filter color and texture throughout a room, the book operates as an instructional tool for designers and decorators, but is beautiful enough to live like a coffee table book! Take a further look, and buy your copy via the amazon link below:  


  1. Could you please tell me how your BEMZ slipcover held up? Did you have the linen/ cotton blend? Did they shrink? I am so looking forward to more posts on your new home. Thanks, Robin

  2. This post is excellent . All of these photos are gorgeous .