Friday, January 15, 2016

Book Review: Lovable Livable Home

Lovable Livable Home by Sherry & John Petersik
Published by Artisan Books
The blogging world at large is absolutely, without a doubt, familiar with John and Sherry Petersik, authors of the massively popular DIY and design blog: Young House Love. Together with the rest of the world, I watched John and Sherry decorate their first house, and then their second house, chronicling every detail of the renovation and decoration on their blog. Their blog success resulted in their first book, New York Times best seller Young House Love.
In their new book, Lovable Livable Home, Sherry and John give readers tons of approachable DIY projects and big picture design ideas for dealing with classic challenges in every room: creating showcases for collections, tackling storage needs, taming computer cables, and how to grow a gallery.
The married duo have been called the King and Queen of DIY, and have capitalized on their unique creative genius with not only books, but product lines for Target and Home Depot, even a small stint on HGTV. They paved the way for other popular DIY blogs, and have given millions of readers the encouragement and inspiration to tackle their own projects through tips and tricks they've learned along the way.
The book is filled with great advice, awesome DIY projects, and beautiful photos of the finished spaces that John and Sherry have carefully created with a little know-how, and a lot of faith!

After - The Petersik Family in their Living Room
Now in their third home, Lovable Livable Home showcases many of the before and after photos of each room of this home other homes they've owned and helped design, as well as those that illustrate their specific point of view on design. Tips range from creating the fireplace surround (seen above), picking paint (including the specific colors they used) and how to get a curated look with your accessories.
Some of my favorite spaces in the book:

 Photo Credit: ISO Photo Studio (Owners: Sarah and Jason); Lovable Livable Home
Isn't this homemade playhouse adorable? Lovable Livable Home includes the blogs and websites of homeowners used in the book, along with an extensive source sheet in the back. It's a great way to find new blogs for inspiration. The above playhouse was created by Sara & John of

 Photo Credit: Todd Wright (Owners: Joey & Jeff); Lovable Livable Home

 Photo Credit: Todd Wright (Owners: Sunny & Read); Lovable Livable Home

 Photo Credit: Julie Soefer Photography (Owners: Nicole & Jason); Lovable Livable Home

A great book for those looking to have a friendly, beautiful, well-organized home who love DIY! Take a closer look, and get your copy via the amazing link below:  


  1. Good to see their new book out. This young couple set the DIY of home renovations on a platform. They proved to people that it can be done economically, stylishly and done right.

  2. Are you only doing book reviews on your blog now?

  3. Are you only doing book reviews on your blog now?

    1. Hi GME,
      The month of January was devoted to books I've read since September. I'll have a few more book reviews in February, and maybe a few scattered here and there, but there will be other posts in addition to book reviews starting in February.

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