Tuesday, February 2, 2016

News, Giveaway, Changes, and More Reviews ...

First off, wow! What a month January was, right? 30 book reviews!? I did a lot of reading over November and December, and again in January and I really hope that you enjoyed them. There are a few more planned for this month, which I'll put at the bottom of this post. But, for now, let's get to some of the other stuff that's been going on around here, shall we?

amber cross bottles
My handmade Cross Bottles
It seems like an eternity ago, but way back in 2009 you might remember that I started making bottle art. They started being sold on another site, and then I worked my way into selling them on my own site, Cross Bottle Guy. In 2015, I needed to step back from making the bottles though, as I dealt with a break up, a move, and quite frankly, a loss of the studio space I needed to create them. I got tons of emails and requests on the Facebook page, asking when or if I was ever going to start making them again, and I decided that 2016 would be as good a time as any to get back to work! I rented some studio space and pulled all of the antique bottles and vintage chandelier prisms that I had amassed out of storage, and set up a little space where I could make these beauties.

cross bottles
Honestly, it's been like therapy to get back to working with my hands, creating these little treasures, and seeing people all over the country enjoy them as they fly off to new homes. Thankfully, past clients had not forgotten about me, or the bottles of Cross Bottle Guy, and I took advantage of some ad space over at my friend Joni's blog: Cote de Texas.
When I suggested that we do a giveaway, she was totally on board, and having seen some sneak peeks of the new apartment, Joni asked to showcase the new digs on the blog as part of the introduction of Cross Bottle Guy to her readers, and the giveaway. Now, if you're familiar with Joni's blog, you know that she features only the most beautiful rooms and homes done by herself, and other super talented designers across the world. I was honored, but totally terrified to share pictures with her of the space. But I did. And she posted them, along with her giveaway post, here.
As a sidebar, you should TOTALLY go over and put your name in the hat for the giveaway.
My Apartment Living Room

Anyway, the apartment is basically finished. Or as finished as it gets when I say finished. Of course things will change, they always do - but I feel comfortable in the space. I have a few things that I'll need to have upholstered or slipcovered in the not so distant future, and when I do, I'll make sure to show you that here on my blog.
Til then, check out the mini tour over at Cote de Texas after we finish up here!
Oh, and as a second sidebar, some of you will notice that the Cy Twombly copy I made is gone, and if you are wondering where that went - well, we will talk about that next week!
Lastly, I think that most of you enjoyed the book reviews, and I actually have a few more that I couldn't fit into January! I told you, I've been doing a lot of reading! So, this month you can look forward to these babies, back to back, starting Monday, February 8, 2016:
So there you have it! Lots to see, and look forward to, and don't forget to go visit the Cross Bottle Guy website, and enter the Cross Bottle Guy giveaway over at Cote de Texas, where you can also see some pictures of my humble abode.


  1. Your red velvet couch/sofa. Would give my right arm for that. I have just finished building a rather elegant log cabin and would like to buy your sofa for it. Would you consider that?

    If that is not an option where can I find one like it?

    Love your decor in Cote de Texas!

    Ann annorr@helix.nih.gov

  2. I'm here thanks to Joni, and I so happy to have found a new-to-me design blog! Loved seeing your old cottage and its many iterations and how you listened to the house, and the orange trim, to see what it needed. Very inspiring.

    I'm thrilled to discover all your book reviews -- I'm going to have fun spending the rest of the winter reading through them all, and discovering the rest of your blog. Thanks and happy belated new year : ) .


  3. Glad to find you again. I guess I lost you somewhere along the way. Your new place is beautiful. Those bottles have always been in my head, but I never made the connection to you. I save bottles all the time and like to fiddle around with them, but I certainly do not have the technical know-how to do what you do.

  4. I popped over to Joni's and enjoyed taking a (condensed) trip down memory lane. Also am happy to learn that you are back at making your cross bottles again and as stated in an earlier comment, your apartment is amazing! Warm hugs -Brenda-

  5. Hi Artie, I'm a relatively new follower. Love your exquisite bottles and gorgeous home! Great photos too! xo, Laurel

  6. Hi Artie - Just went over to see Joni's post on your bottles.I have followed you thru all those incarnations of your previous residence each was well done.
    I was terribly fond of the persimmon sofa grouping. I loved the ticking stripe
    tablecloth with the toile rendition of that dining room. Your new digs look sensational.

  7. Thank you very much for shared this post with us , welldone .