Friday, February 5, 2016

One More Day ...

cross bottles
Cross Bottle Guy RCFLW
Just a little reminder that you can still enter the giveaway over at Cote de Texas for $100 toward starting your cross bottle collection with my Cross Bottle Guy bottles! There are so many bottles still up for grabs on the site, and we will be adding more bottles to the site as we've been busy-busy-busy in the studio this week.
I thought that I'd take a moment to share with you a few of the bottles here! Above, (RCFLW) is our new floral shape for 2016. We're branching out, creating beautiful abstract, floral inspired, and continuing with our sea shell and coral topped bottles adorned with crystals as well.
vintage cross bottles
Cross Bottle Guy SHL1
As an aside, if you're a shell collector, we will have some new shell pieces available next week! I think most of us have perennial favorites in our interior decorations, don't we? I mean, for the winter months we switch out our linen pillows for rich velvets, maybe we put away the corals and seashells and bring out the mercury glass and holiday decorations. What I love about the cross bottles, is that they really can be year-round beauties in your home. No need to pack them away, they look fantastic in all seasons! 
cross bottles
 Cross Bottle Guy STB8A
People often ask me if I have a favorite. I suppose I do, but it changes pretty regularly, as I really put a lot of time and effort into creating each bottle to be special. At the moment, STB8A might be my favorite.
green cross bottles
Cross Bottle Guy GRLF1

Ah, but then there is this one! I love the antique wooden rosary beads and brass! GRLF is one of the only bottles I've made in 2016 with solder collars finished in our signature patina. It's just so difficult to pick one to love more than another when you're creating these pieces by hand. Each one has a lot of love and careful thought in the creative process and creation.
cross bottles
Cross Bottle Guy LFCFR
Recently, we began adding vintage and antique rosary beads and medals/crosses to the necks of our bottles. This one, on LFCFR is a wonderful combination of antique pieces. The rosary beads were handmade in France in the early 1920's, and have a zinc tag, stamped MADE IN FRANCE. The Medal, St. Michael, was made in Italy.
And of course, there are our antediluvian pewter rosaries, which are always a wonderful choice for the beginning collector, or for those of you looking for something special to pepper into your current collections.
cross bottles
Cross Bottle Guy RR04
So take a closer look at the bottles at Cross Bottle Guy, and enter the giveaway over at Cote de Texas before she closes it at 11:59PM on Saturday, February 6, 2016. You can also take a little mini tour of the apartment where Arlo and I spend our evenings when we aren't busy at the studio!