Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Patina Farm on OKL

I ordered my copy of Patina Farm today, and I'm anxiously awaiting its arrival. I've been a long time fan, avid follower, and lover of all things Velvet & Linen, so naturally having watched the creation of their Ojai, California dream home from the ground up, I had to buy the book that showed all of the glorious finished details! Friends of mine who have already gotten the book are raving about the house, and the gorgeous landscaping that Brooke and Steve hired renowned landscape architect Margie Grace to create with them.
Last month, OKL (One Kings Lane)  visited Patina Farm (I'm SO jealous, BTW) and took pictures of their own for the sale that started today! I was so excited about them, that I had to show them here.

The exterior front of Patina Farm via OKL
Isn't this picturesque? Steve and Brooke designed this house with every possible detail and view in mind. The mountain, the huge 300-year old existing oak tree; and sourced materials from all over the world to create this magical place. Again, SO excited to get the book!
The Giannetti Family (minus eldest son) under the oak tree via OKL
The interior of the house is furnished brilliantly in Brooke and Steve's aesthetic which features fine French and Swedish antiques, furniture designed by the pair covered in gorgeous linens and velvets, and of course, lots and lots of patina!
Patina Farm Chicken Coop via OKL
But the outside living spaces of the farm are furnished as beautifully, including their chicken coop wash area and greenhouse! (Which are both also pictured in the book!)
French limestone floors and doors sourced throughout Europe in the entryway via OKL
The living room, with Gracie wallpapered screen covering the television via OKL
Steve and Brooke design a lot more than architecture, interiors, and gardens. They also have a line of furniture, many pieces named after their own children, that feature gorgeous lines. They pieces are sophisticated without being unfriendly, and are perfectly proportioned to fit with antique pieces - like this Alix sofa, which is paired with an antique Gustavian settee.
The dining room at Patina Farm with wide open views to the oak tree and pond and mountain beyond via OKL
There should be no doubt that Patina Farm is one of the finest homes in Ojai, certainly one of the finest blogger homes on the internet, but what I love about the whole feeling of Patina Farm is that it's welcoming, safe, comfortable, a home that a family lives in, loves in, and genuinely calls home. Beautiful houses are easier and easier to come by these days, now that sourcing things has become so easy, and getting increasingly more-so every day. But to find a home that is both beautiful AND authentically comfortable, that's not so easy - but Steve and Brooke have that talent in spades. (They should figure out a way to bottle that up ... I'm just saying!)

The breakfast room and kitchen of Patina Farm via OKL
I don't cook. It's not that I don't like to - I have just never had a beautiful kitchen that I wanted to spend time in, nor do I have a serviceable kitchen that doesn't become an all out mess of dirty pots and pans anytime I try to cook something even as simple as tomato soup and grilled cheese. But the kitchen at Patina Farm with that stunning Lacanche French Range makes me want to go to culinary school!

Brooke's Office at Patina Farm overlooking the Kitchen Garden and Chicken Coop via OKL

Steve's Office at Patina Farm via OKL
Makes you want to work from home, doesn't it?
The Master Bedroom at Patina Farm with views to the mountain and pond via OKL
Master dressing room and bath at Patina Farm via OKL
I want to let it be known, for the record, that I will be copying this dressing room at some point in my life! I think this is simply amazing and I can't wait to get my copy of the book for more photos!
The Guest Cottage at Patina Farm via OKL
Lastly, the guest cottage at Patina Farm, perfect for long or short term residents. Anyone thinking of showing up at Brooke and Steve's for a little vacation?
If you're interested in their book, you can order it here: 

I also highly recommend their first book, Patina Style, which can be ordered here:

And lastly, you can shop the One Kings Lane sale, which started today, here. Cleverly titled: The Good Life on Patina Farm! Once I get the book, I'll do a dedicated review - I'm sure I'll have lots to say! 


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