Monday, March 28, 2016

Where did the time go?

Happy Easter ... well, the day after Easter anyway!

It was a busy day at Chez Artie and Arlo, with the Cross Bottle Guy Sale in full effect. We were "hopping" around the studio and at home trying to make sure that we could get everyone accommodated and the boxes ready for shipping today! I hope you were able to find something you liked during the sale. If you missed out, have no fear, new bottles will be available on April 1st, and so far, they're really gorgeous!

cross bottle guy

A mix of crystal cross bottles, made from antique and vintage chandelier prisms, shells, and Brazilian agates forever married to beautiful old bottles with wonderful patina - all handmade, by me, in our Buffalo, New York studio.

If you are a frequent visitor to the Cross Bottle Guy website, you've probably seen all of the bottles that were purchased for private collections across the country. This week, I'll be adding email buttons to the previously sold bottles where you can contact me directly if you're interested in having something similar custom made for you!

Every piece is handmade, and all of the pieces are hand-sourced. No bottle will ever be EXACTLY the same as another, but general shapes can often be recreated through inspired pieces of our past art! So, take a look at the site again - I'd love to have Cross Bottle Guy commissioned art in your lovely home!

Lots of work in the studio this week - but I've got two book reviews coming up, and a little bit of a DIY project I'm working on in the kitchen I thought you all might be interested in! Til' then!

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