Thursday, August 25, 2016

Making Bookcase Cabinet Doors Pt 2 of 138

Tehehehe. I can't help myself. I'm the only one who finds it funny, I know.

Alright peeps! I briefly abandoned my project last night to have dinner with a dear friend, but as soon as I got back home I got back to work! Sawing (by hand) and drilling to make the other cabinet door!

Again, if you are going to try to tackle a project like this yourself, (and I'm here to tell you, it really isn't that hard!! You can do anything you set your mind to!!!) you will need one of these Kreg pocket hole jigs: 

Like, hands down - absolutely no way around it, they'll fall apart if you don't, kinda need! I also highly suggest that if you don't have a cordless drill, you look into getting one like mine: 

I've had my Dewalt drill for over 11-years, SERIOUSLY! It has been through all sorts of projects with me, and has NEVER, EVER FAILED ME! So if you don't have a good drill, or you don't have a drill at all - go for one of these 18-volt cordless Dewalts, I have never regretted spending the money up front for a good tool! 

Alright - so wanna see how they both look? Black and white images of course, I can't give you too much, all at once! 

The bottom cabinet doors will be solid, only the top doors will have glass. That of course is the plan right now, I might change my mind, but for now we are gonna assume they'll be solid like the inspiration room. Just having these doors up on the bookcases, without any paint, glass, or fabric is so rewarding to me! It REALLY feels like it's all starting to come together

Of course, who doesn't need additional projects in the middle of one HUGE project like this one, right? Clearly, I have issues. I happened to find a really great chair, like REALLY great chair, in need of reupholstery in the trash. THE TRASH!?!? Who throws away antique furniture? REALLY!? People, don't do this! Just don't! Anyway, so now I'm in the middle of finishing the redesign of the living room, which includes finishing this cabinet, AND I will be reupholstering this AWESOME chair: 

Ah, and yeah, in the background, both of the doors opened up for the photo I sent to a friend to prove that they were both on hinges, AND the hinges work! What's left to do? Well, The doors on the lower section of shelves, sanding, painting, using a router for the inset for the glass, and then sewing the curtains and putting them in place, and last but not least, putting on the hardware! 

I've been working on the chair between breaks on the cabinet, and I've got the first two layers of fabric off of the chair. One layer to go, and I can get to work cleaning up the frame, re-batting the thing, and putting the new upholstery fabric on! It's just a party over here - an absolute blast! 

*Rolls his eyes at his own level of crazy*

Catch you up to speed, REALLY soon!