Monday, August 29, 2016

Naked Chair ...

NSFW! It's a naked chair! Eeek! Sitting next to naked men though, so it's in good company. Black and white of course because it's just not ready for a full-color unveiling. I didn't get much done on the cabinet this weekend, between birthday dinners and art festivals, I was spent. I did however, get a chance to take the dreadfully dirty upholstery off of this chair frame, and clean up the wood! 

My friend Joan, of fortheloveofahouse kept me in great company (over the phone) while I pulled a million upholstery tacks out of the chair (that's probably only a slight exaggeration, there were more like 934,321) one by one. She and I talked about upholstery options, including velvet, hide, linen, and antique tapestry. I still haven't decided on what I'll do it in, but I have enough to keep me busy before I have to decide. The camelback crown of the chair had split (probably during the last terrible upholstery job) so I needed to glue and brace that. 

Thankfully, the task seems far less daunting with this handy book, "Spruce: A Step-by-Step Guide To Upholstery And Design" which really, for anyway looking to tackle this sort of a project is a BRILLIANT reference guide! 

There are actual photos of the process, a source sheet, supply list, and tricks of the trade that save you hours of time, hundreds of dollars, and a lot of sore fingers and broken dreams. I've got to hand tie the springs (which seems really difficult, but the book shows you super easy ways to get that done) and then start working on burlap and padding. 

On top of that, the bookcase should be coming together, and I hand sourced some BEAUTIFUL crystals for cross bottles that I am just itching to get into the studio and create. So, there's plenty going on around The Apartment, and more still after I take a little vacation to Florida for the Holiday! 

How are you spending your week? Tell me I'm not alone! 


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  2. Great seeing the updates, the room is looking gorgeous.

  3. ok, not going to lie - i'm jealous as hell that you and joan were on the phone for hours and didn't three way me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! after i was laughing at all your jokes!!!!! hmmph. what about zebra? the old zebra rug your dog chewed? i used one of those on a stool of mine. i say zebra!!!! look on ebay for pieces.

  4. but don't ask me. what do i know? you and joan just discuss amongst yourselves for HOURS and HOURS.

  5. one last comment. i can't believe someone put that chair in the trash. idiot!!! it's fabulous!!!! zebra.

  6. Next time it's definitely a "decorating" three-way @joniwebb!!!!!!!!!:):):):)

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  8. HEy all of these chairs are naker here .