Friday, September 9, 2016

Book Reviews Next Week

Alright, it's finally Friday, and I've got a big, busy weekend ahead. I'll be finishing up some reading, working on cross bottles, and getting a few things done to finish up the bookcase for a big reveal coming at the end of all these book reviews.

Just as a cheat sheet, so you can follow along with me ... and maybe be prepared with your own comments if you have these beautiful books yourself, here's the run down of what I'll review this coming week:


Written by Holly Becker and Leslie Shewring, and published by Jacqui Small LLP, this little book is filled with awesome crafting projects and ideas, tablescape images and inspiration. As the first sentence in the book says, "This book is about creating a little magic." So, if you're into styling your gatherings to be memorable and beautiful, don't miss my review of this one!


Self-published Leslie Sinclair follows up her insanely popular Segreto and Segreto Style books. with Segreto Vignettes. The book is stunning from the jacket to the very last page. A volume of true masterwork from Leslie's company Segreto Finishes. The book includes pages from experts on various design elements, including a page on slipcovers from my friend, blogger, and designer Joni Webb, of Cote de Texas. EVERYONE will want to see this review. Trust me!  


I'm a nut for all sorts of books, mostly interior design related, but also architecture, art, and travel. So when Thames & Hudson pulls all of those things together in their beautiful books like At Home in Sri Lanka, well, how can I turn that down? Absolutely stunning imagery and loads of design inspiration, including interiors that inspired me to make some changes to the apartment plan. If you're into that sorta thing, well - come on back Wednesday.


This reissued edition of Carolyn Westbrook's The French Inspired Home is one you may know already. But if you don't, the simple fact that it has been reissued will prove that the rooms and ideas within are timeless and inspiring if you enjoy the look of French decor.


Like I said, I find architecture to be incredibly fascinating. So, I'll be sharing my thoughts on the beautiful book, Architecture in Wood: A World History on Friday. Will Price, a celebrated photographer with an education in architecture and photojournalism traveled the world photographing gorgeous structures, all of wood, from churches to homes to elaborate huts. 

Are you ready!? 

More book reviews will follow, including what may end up being one of the most popular interior design books ever printed, Beautiful, by Mark D. Sikes. I haven't been this excited about a book since Mary McDonald printed her first book in 2010. 

Have a GREAT weekend, and enjoy what's left of these summer-like days and nights! Then come back on Monday with a cup of coffee and get ready to read all about how to Decorate for a Party


  1. Omgoodness, I can't wait to hear all the reviews and if you enjoyed Segreto Vignettes!!! TGIF!

  2. You article and photos both are awesome .