Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Chair Update

Before I left for Florida, I put in a lot of work on the little curb side chair I found. Instead of packing, or getting a good night's sleep before leaving, I played with fabric, and batting, and foam, and staples, and tacks ... and well, you'll see! We left off on my updates with the springs being completely retied and the jute webbing being woven and stretched in place.

Burlap goes down over the springs, and gets stapled and then tacked into place. 

This mess, plus the little roll in the front, foam, and then batting: 

Sorry these pictures aren't the best. I snapped them quick with my iphone! You might notice that the center support under the chair has been chewed up by a dog, (my guess). I've got to replace that, too, but I go so excited about upholstery I've evidently left that til the end. 

All trimmed up and pretty, ready for fabric! 

Ta'da! The burlap is on and tight and beautiful and everything is right in the world! I can't even begin to tell you how comfortable this seat of this chair is! Now on to the back! 

At this point my phone started to die, please excuse my charger! Burlap gets stapled over the jute straps to hold in all the good stuff. 

The "good stuff, all layered up and ready for batting! 

And after fighting with burlap for an hour, the back was done and so was I! 

For now, this chair adventure is over, and I'm turning my attention back to the bookcases, and reading for book reviews. Hopefully, sometime in the near future, I'll have a little tour ready for ya! Til' then, keep tabs on the pieces as they come along and make sure to visit the book reviews, starting Monday! 


  1. Love the chair; the curves, the frame color, the nubby fabric you chose adds a lot of texture to the curves, beautiful. Can't wait to see the tour.

  2. Just stopping in to say how gorgeous the chair is....and so are you! Looking good. Peggy from PA