Friday, September 2, 2016

Bookcases and Book Reviews

As I finish up working on my bookcase doors, I can't help but notice the stack of books that I haven't reviewed. I mean, these are AMAZING books, that I keep in my arsenal of reference and inspiration and I haven't shared them with you!?!? WHAT THE HECK! I know, I know! So, I decided that before I close the doors (quite literally) on my bookcase and put my beautiful books behind glass and linen, I'd share some of my favorite new and old titles with you!

Over the years, I've reviewed a lot of books on the blog. (So it's not like I'm keeping EVERYTHING from you!) In fact, I've reviewed all of these:

60!! Can you believe it!? How many did you look into buying? How many did you add to your own collections? Do you have any idea how many more I have to review with you!? Eeek! Well, let's just say it's gonna be quite a few, and I'm sure that you're going to absolutely love them!

Here's a few that I know I'll be sharing with you already:

Can you see now why I need the bookshelves? And I know it's a shame to cover up all of the beauty that is within, but when you have this much awesome at your fingertips, it really doesn't matter that they're behind a door.

Some wise advice I got a long time ago: "A book, is NEVER a bad investment!"

We'll get started with these on Monday, September 12th! 

Til' then I'm headed to Florida. I'll be back after the Holiday, so, enjoy your Labor Day weekend, which is hopefully a long one! I've got my books, and my headphones, and my boarding pass. Here's hoping the weather cooperates! 

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