Monday, October 31, 2016

To chair, or not to chair ... plus pics

Firstly, thank you to everyone who read the chair saga, and contributed your opinion to what I should do. If you're unfamiliar with the struggle, you can read about it here.

There were valid opinions on both sides, but at the end of the day, I decided to order the Hatton chair. It was what I wanted, and will really work better with the overall look that I am trying to create. Barbara Lane commented: "We're lucky when something only costs us money." I had never heard that before, and I thought about it all weekend. Aren't we lucky when something only costs money? There are so many greater things to lose: lives, loved ones, integrity, truth. It's such a true and honest statement really, and one that I intend to add to my own lexicon.

So, in 2-4 weeks, Pottery Barn will ship out another chair, this time one that I know I'll love. Until then, the current chair will keep the spot occupied, and once the Hatton chair gets here, I will move it into my bedroom as a reading chair. (That's the plan for now anyway.) 

I know you're all probably wondering if I got things done this weekend, and I absolutely did! However, most of the things that I completed were necessary but not pretty! I organized all of my clutter into bins for the basement.

Doesn't that look fun!? There really are so many unnecessary things! I don't know why I'm lugging it around with me, trying to organize it, but I think I succeeded. 

Anything else was for the Cross Bottle Guy studio, which will be in full operation starting today! I am so excited to work in the new space, and I will have some gorgeous pieces for sale on Monday fresh from that table! The benefit to having all of these things organized and labeled is really for anyone who wants to steal something from the basement. If they're down there hoping to score down pillow forms of all sizes, they'll know exactly which bin to grab, and I won't have to clean up after them! 

What was really exciting was the delivery of my new coffee table! I'd been waiting with bated breath for this one. I went with something pretty modern because I wanted to infuse the room with different shapes and lines to keep the traditional from overtaking everything and looking too "grandma's house" so - I took inspiration from Bruce Budd, you remember the room, right? 

And I ordered the all glass coffee table. Now it's not this exact one. Who knows who made that for Bruce, and I'm sure that I couldn't afford it anyway! I actually found mine for a pretty great deal considering the size. Unpacking it was somewhat difficult, as they sort of "fake crate" it so that it doesn't break during shipment. A drill, screwdriver, pliers, and hammer later - I eventually unleash it, and voila: 

I LOVE it! Of course, it needed to be cleaned, turned the right side up, and styled. It is solid glass, not acrylic or lucite. While glass can scar, lucite and acrylic tables scratch easier than you'd think. Sliding a coaster can damage the piece forever. With little puppy paws bound to find their way on top of this, I knew that glass was the way to go! 

Just a few things plopped down on there for now. I plan on getting some fresh flowers today, and working a little more on this whole thing tonight. But I was so excited to share it with you! You may also notice that there's a new piece behind the chair. I needed a floor length mirror so badly, but have never had a place to put one til' now. 

The seat cushion for the sofa will end up at the upholsterer soon, as well as three chairs I picked up over the weekend for the dining room. New curtains arrived today and I'll be ironing them and hanging them tonight in both the living room and dining room. The curtains you see now were just place holders. 

I also ordered a fiddle leaf fig from the wholesale florist, which I'm anxious about keeping alive, and I picked up a floor lamp that I'm still searching for a shade for. It seems like so little was done when I write about it, but I guarantee you - there wasn't a moment wasted! More to come soon! 


  1. It's coming along so nicely! I like the juxtaposition of the modern glass table with all the other traditional furnishings. I am also looking for a coffee table and like glass for a more open sight line, but with a dog who is an acrobatic mountain climber, I am afraid it will scratch or at the least be constantly dirty with paw prints and dog slobber. You'll have to update us on the upkeep! As always, can't wait to see more! :)

  2. I can only imagine you are in a constant state of MOTION, i.e, the speed of light! Getting so much accomplished. I really like that new mirror and it's placement. Eager to see more, more, more. I am sure the curtains will be wonderful!

  3. Love the progress you've made and totally agree with Barbara Lane's comment. Would you please share more details on the glass coffee table if you can? I love it and how it looks in your space. Also, I'm eager to see what you do with the seat cushion of the sofa.

  4. looking good Artie! I've been following all the moves and changes and it looks like you're finally in the right spot. Love the new coffee table

    xo kelley

  5. I love how this is coming along and I'm preferring your glass table because of the curved lines. You've accomplished so much in really a very short amount of time.

    I'm so happy that you decided to order the other chair because you know you wouldn't be happy otherwise. Barbara Lane's comment is similar to a comment my husband said when I was stressing how much money was involved "that's what the money is there for".

  6. Looking great!
    Love how your writing and pics capture the excitement of decorating!

  7. It's looking wonderful! I'm glad you ordered the correct chair and I love Barbara Lane's quote.

  8. These photographs captured very natural . Great thanks for shared .