Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Table Info and Inspiration from Mark D. Sikes and Henredon

I'm so glad that so many of you like the table as much as I do! I couldn't be more happy really. There have been texts and emails and comments about info on the table, so I thought I'd share that with you this morning, plus some of the instagram photos from people who have been going nuts over Mark Sikes' furniture line for Henredon.

Firstly, the table. As I said yesterday, it's all glass, not acrylic or lucite - so it's heavy, and arrives on a truck with a pallet jack. They will deliver to your door, but you're on your own getting it into your house.

It comes wrapped up in foam sheets, cardboard, and a makeshift crate. Mine arrived without any dings, chips, scratches, fractures, or missing parts.

You can sort of see in this photo, that the table has 3 "legs" where the glass top has been molded to turn (waterfall style) toward the floor. Each one of these legs has two plastic bumpers to help keep everything level. It's a great size! 51" long, 28" wide, and 14" tall. I know a lot of you are probably thinking that seems short, and if you're used to an average coffee or cocktail table, it is. But once you stack on the books, bowls, boxes, and trays, you're really not going to notice it visually, and it's not uncomfortable at all when bending down from the seat cushion to pick up drinks, ipads, etc.. 

I bought the table from Ultra Modern. Here's the direct link. They call it the Ponte table, made by Viva Modern. You can't buy it for less anywhere else, not that I have been able to find, and let me tell you - I think that it's a STEAL at $299! You do have to pay the freight fees of $99, (U.S., not sure about outside of the States). 

Also, let me clarify. I've been seeing a lot of bloggers get free items in return for product placement and reviews. That's not what this is, not what any of my posts are. I bought this fair and square, and am genuinely impressed with the table, and the price.

I'm still playing with the tabletop. I ran into the grocery store last night and picked up the only flowers they had, and started piling things up on the table. That was before I spent hours, LITERALLY, ironing my new curtains! Can you notice in the picture above that they're different? 

The curtains I had hanging were place holders, extra panels purchased for clients. They were the perfect color for them, not the perfect color for me. These panels are lighter, too. They are 100% linen, where as the others are a cotton velvet. They perfectly match the color of the walls (scroll up to photo 2) which is exactly what I wanted! A soft border to the hard lines of the windows, blurring the connection to the wall. These are here in the living room and in the dining room. (More on that room, soon!

Ok, so a little less about me, and little more inspiration! High Point market debuted Mark Sikes' collection for Henredon this year, and boy oh boy has it seem some high praise! We all knew that it would. Mark spent 3-years developing the line with Henredon, fashioned after the furniture we've come to love in his own home, and furniture in the rooms he's been inspired by. The collection is very California, divided into sections named after prominent California locations. 

First, my favorite, Bel Air:

Gorgeous, right? And I'm certain you see the influence that this room has had on my current space. Let's break down some of what we see here with reminders of how Mark's own furnishings have inspired this look. 

First, the mirror between the two doorways there. Prior to Mark's own redecoration of his Hollywood Hills home, he used mirrors incredibly similar to these in his living room: 

 You'll also find a lot of French Louis style chairs in Mark's house, and in his new look for Henredon.

The screens, Henredon calls it the Queens Road Coromandel Screen is very similar to the screen Mark used after redecorating his guest room: 

I love this brass etagere, the Doheny etagere, filled with paintings by artist Kayce Hughes. You can also spot Mark's new book, Beautiful, which you can grab here: 

I think that anyone who is familiar with Mark's work, knows that he is well known for his liberal use of blue and white Asian porcelains and expensive Chinoiserie wallpapers from Gracie Studios. This new armoire for Henredon, the Queens Road Chinoiserie Armoire, is fashioned after Mark's first antique he ever purchased, the armoire we all know and love from his living room: 

This photo, featured in Lonny Mag back in 2012, also shows a small side table to the far right. This table inspired the Crescent Side table, to the far right below: 

The table to the left, the Laurel Parsons Lamp Table, is similar to the one used as a bedside table in Mark's master bedroom:

The Pacific Palisades Collection is all about blues, and has a canopy bed very similar to the canopy beds in Mark's house: 

This bed is called the Pacific Palisades Upholstered Canopy Bed, and like I said, bares strong resemblances to Mark's own canopy beds, particularly the one in the guest room with a hanging canopy.

The coffee table is called the Doheny Cocktail Table. It's very similar the one he used in his showhouse room at the Greystone Mansion, which is on Doheny Road. Are you seeing a theme here? 

Montecito Lifestyle is all casual, graceful living, about blue, blue, blue! 

This lifestyle line probably feels similar to his Montecito project featured in Veranda: 

There are a lot of beautiful pieces of furniture in the collection that aren't featured in these photos for Henredon. I personally love the Limited edition tilt top Chinoiserie table: 

You may remember this similar version from House Beautiful's feature on Mark's entry: 

Which of course, we all know is inspired by Mark's own skirted octagonal table, featured on the cover of his book: 

People who have attended High Point this year have blown up social media outlets with their images and praise of Mark's collection for Henredon. Some of the photos of the spaces within the Henredon showroom are just gorgeous! 

This exact view is all over instagram. People can't get enough of the Beverly tufted sofa.  Just a little side note here: I did NOT see this sofa prior to buying mine. Pure coincidence! The sofa does come with two pillows, not the Scalamandre le Tigre though. 

There are also pieces of the collection that have been outfitted with custom slipcovers with ties, like this Presidio Chair

I think that it's pretty clear that this collection is going to be a sell-out hit for Henredon. The pieces are classic and timeless, just like Mark's work and collections within his own home. Mark's currently working on updating his home with fabrics from his line with Schumacher. I'm excited to see what changes he makes. One Kings Lane recently did a feature with Mark, where the table is set for dinner and covered with a tablecloth in his Bel Air Stripe

There've been a few hand rendered things floating around that make me wonder if we are going to see a large scale shift, or if the people over at Schumacher have just been very clever in their marketing. Is Mark really going to remove all of the Carolina Irving Patmos Stripe fabric in his library/guest room? 

To replace it with his own fabric? 

And the dining room, will we see a shift here, too!? Will he really take down those mirrors in favor of navy grasscloth? 

And his family room off of the kitchen, which looks like this now: 

Will the sofa get a new life in his Montecito Medallion

I guess time will tell, but I'm sure no matter what, it will be Beautiful. See more of Mark's house, and client work in his book here: 


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