Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Book Review: In the Mood for Colour

In the Mood for Colour: Perfect palettes for creative interiors
By Hans Blomquist, Published by Ryland Peters & Small

Color is powerful! Whether we are wearing it, using it in interiors, or viewing it in our world in general, it can change our moods, raise our spirits, affect us positively and enhance our appreciation of all things. Still, many of us fall short in choosing colorful shades to use in our home, falling back on safe, (sometimes bland) neutrals. 

Hans Blomquist is an art director and stylist, starting his career with IKEA, but also working for prestigious Harrods, Marks and Spencer, John Lewis, and HM. In this book, his third, he reveals his way of seeing color, navigating us with beautiful photography by Debi Treloar, through palettes pale to dark, showing how color can soothe, enchant or excite.

If color is something you struggle with, or if you'd just like to have an inspiring collection of palettes for your next project, take a look at Hans' book, and purchase your copy via the Amazon link below: 

And if you're interested in taking a look at some of Hans' other titles, you can view them here: 

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