Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Book Review: Bold and Bright: Chic and Exuberant Interior Inspiration from Brazil

Bold and Bright: Chic and Exuberant Interior Inspiration from Brazil 
By Maira S. Teixeira
Published by Ryland, Peters and Small

There've been a few books published on homes in Brazil this year, but still the interiors of the verdant South American country are relatively undiscovered. During the 1950s and '60s, Brazil was in the vanguard of architecture and design, and many of the beautifully curated homes there still have a generous helping of the mid-century modern element to them. 

What's beautiful though, especially in the homes captured within the pages of Bold and Bright, as photographed by Maira Acayaba, is the mix of textures and styles - all seamlessly - with a sophistication and confidence that is truly inspiring.

From city apartments to country homes, beach houses to jungle bungalows, there's no shortage of inspiration in the pages of Bold and Bright. Architecture, vignettes, and design - it's all here, with a touch of the colorful and exuberant spirit that is quintessentially Brazilian. Take a closer look, and purchase your copy via the Amazon link below:

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