Monday, November 7, 2016

Chandeliers and Coughs

Like that blog title? That's precisely all I have to report. I spent the entire weekend coughing up my left lung, and part of my right. I have no idea what has made me so sick, other than I'm not superman and the rate at which I've been going with 300 irons in the fire has probably worn me down to, well, this. Doesn't it just pain you when you find out you're indeed NOT invincible.

Still, I did get a few things accomplished this weekend, even through the cough and cold. My friend Brian (the one who had the brilliant idea about the floor) and I ventured out on Saturday to find lighting for the dining room. I was pretty sure we were going home empty handed, when we turned the corner in the last antique store to find this!

I pointed it out to Brian and he thought it was perfect! That made two of us, so I bought it, and came home to install. Of course, I needed a dimmer, so I had to install that first. But once that was done, I'm happy to report, that it's up, and nothing has caught on fire or fallen out of the ceiling, yet.

I'm pretty much in love with this room so far! The art is a collection I've been working on for the last year. All of it is black and white, most of it is original or limited litho printing, and a lot of it has a religious or spiritual element to it. I've hung it a little lower than expected to leave space for additional pieces, and to be at the appropriate viewing height when seated. The new curtains are up in both the living room and the dining room, a little off-white linen to match the wall color. 

Scott helped me get a new bed into the apartment this weekend (more on that later) and reminded me that I had a table at his house that would work perfectly for the bar table I want in front of the window. He said he'd bring it by today, which probably means next week. Once that's in place, I'll show you some of the awesome goodies I've found for that. 

I made some new cross bottles for Cross Bottle Guy this weekend, too! They should be live and ready to shop on Wednesday! That was thrilling actually! Working in the new studio was lovely, so much light! Everything is coming together there, and I've created some lovely pieces just in time for your Christmas shopping! So stay tuned for more on that, later! 

Back to rest and fluids for me, talk soon!